The Rebirth of the Tiger-Cats**

part 1 - "From Mr. X to White Knight: The Emergence of Bob Young."

AM900 profiles the man who not only saved the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from extinction, but turned the team into a model franchise in the Canadian Football League.

part 2 - "The Wiz Kids: Marketing the Cats Like Never Before."

AM900 examines the well calculated and overwhelmingly successful marketing campaigns that have come from the top minds within the Ticats lair.

part 3 - "The New Face: Paopao, Maas and more."

AM900 shines the spotlight on the many new and talented players that will suit up for the "Black and Gold" in 2006

part 4 - "Oskee Wee Wee: The Roar Returns."

AM900 speaks with some of the most rabid Ticats fans around, and how they truly are the 13th player at Ivor Wynne Stadium

part 5 - "2006: The Year of the Tiger-Cat."

AM900 previews the 2006 Canadian Football League season, and offers an insider's viewpoint on the Tiger-Cats destiny.

he has done well for the Cats, but he has messed up their logo and their thirds with that XFL helmet.

Well, at least the Cats will last another 50 years.

ALL they did was get a quaterback, a running back and a special teams guy...their defense still sucks!

I think the Cats D is not bad, they were on the field a lot last year. They did get the Riders better safety, which should help them out. Its going to be close between them, the Argos and Als.

counting out winnipeg?

dude do you have a life, you post on every freaking forum, chill out , and focus on something else, your life revolves around this board, your liek the message board bandit.

I dont think Winnipeg has improved enough to be in contention. Glenn still has to prove himself as a starting QB, and they will have a whole new offensive system to learn, and that could take time. Plus with all the personnel changes they have made , it might take them awhile to gel as a team, maybe half the season.

I agree that they will be weak in the first half of the season, but they will come out flying in the 2nd, and make the playoffs!

Well KK that all depends on what the Bombers 1st half record will be-- if its 4-5 or better then yeah they have a shot–but 3-6 or lower then its next year country.

And also, as much as people in Toronto like to relate in the summer to those big town baseballers from the New Yorks, Chicagos, Bostons etc. the fact is that I think they are starting to realize again that people in Canada have a much bigger "hatred" for Toronto than the New Yorks, Chicagos, Bostons etc. will ever have. They don't much care about Toronto, it's just another baseball team. But us Hamiltonians, Montrealers, Winnipegers, Saskatchewaners, Calgaryers, Edmontonians, Vancouverites, Ottawas (again soon hopefully) want to always beat the living s h i t out of Toronto every time we get a chance to, we love doing this. They are starting to realize the CFL is war agains't Toronto, not just some wanky basebally games in the summer.

too funny. :thup:

Thanks dg. I've always wondered why people in Toronto think that they think that people in the States really care about the city that much, especially now that the Skydome isn't state-of-the-art. I could see some jealously when the Jays were winning lots in the new stadium, the only one with a retractable roof. But now, just about every city in the States is happy they don't have that stadium as their baseball park, if anything it looks more like a football stadium. Toronto and the Jays are just another small market team that is spending more this year yes, but no real rivalries with any particular city in the States with baseball. They really don't see Toronto nearly as "big time" as what Torontonians see themselves as.

Whereas with us Canadians, the CFL is the best chance, along with the NHL but 2 less teams, to give it to those Big Smoke people when we can anyways. Man I want the season to start!

I better hear Williams getting boo'd off every field everytime they play an away game

no really, they still have 9 more games to go, they could end up with 11-7 or 10-8 if they have a good run.