The Rebirth Of The Ticats

i just wanted to say how nice thatpicture of IWS stadium is there, i was wondering if one of you techies or sombody on the inside could make that picture into a desktop wallpapper, it looks great and i would love to have it on my computer!

-the man

i agree, it is a very nice pic of IWS.

i enjoyed that little segment, and cant wait to hear part 2.

hey, drummer, how did you get a picture in ur sig?

go to 'profile' on the left hand side.

where u added your sig now, just erase it and add
...just as u would to show a pic in the forum.

i don tknow how to do that.. what do i pic in between (img) and (img) do i put a URL to wher the image is

I must say I have enjoyed the first two parts of this series. I do like the way that the rent topic of ugly tickets was brought up. I also like the way it was mentioned that we have at leat one fan in Japan.

And this is another reason to support the idea of podcasts. Maybe CHML could start podcasting their shows.

once again they have a beuitful picture of IWS stadium! why arent these wallappers? i woul ove to use these pics... im using the first one right now but its Centred to its not the full screen. not as good, do us a favour and make then usable for us! there really nice,!