The reasson why I think the KJ trade will workout for the Ri

Look, I was deeply saddend when i heard that he was traded(after all he put the riders on his back and carried us to the championship). But, look at it this way:

KJs up there in age(36) i think.

In return the Riders get a good O-lineman(Glen January) and some other freaks I've never heard of.

We get draft picks, to draft another QB if we want.

Also, I heard Kevin Glenn is unhappy with his contract, so maybe, just maybe, we can get him back in the green & white. That would be sweet!

So, just relax ok? The Riders will be fine.(Last year when ET cut Bush, Morgan, and Andrew Greene i was like "wtf?" and we ended up winning the grey cup, so relax)

Thanks KJ for all you did, and good luck in the future

My buddy says we should pick up Allen for cheap then spread the rest of the money around the team rather than put it all into one QB.

I tend to agree with you. If we somehow get Glenn, I will probably be happy about this move.

and Fuck KJ. He did his job then screwed off because he wouldn't compromise on his price. As far as i'm concerned, he's a pseudo-Burris, and I will be treating him like it..... and his mother blows.

Personally I don't think there is anything to compaire to the Burris situation. KJ is a stand up guy as far as I have seen, and I have nothing but respect for that guy, he does deserve a pay increase and i can't believe Tillman didn't give it to him. Makes me sick to honest.

You in no way represent me.
I don't mean to be a d!ck, but I differ from your opinion immensly.

Wow Nealon Greene can stay loyal and play hard to the end and you guys hate him even worse. What's wrong with us in Saskatchewan? Why do we hate Nealon so much? why do we hate KJ and Burris for leaving? Infact why do we hate all of our former QBs who have moved on, whether they left willingly or not? Austin wins us a GC in 88 and we love him. He leaves and then we hated Austin for nearly 2 decades, then the guy comes back, wins us a GC and all the sudden he's a province wide hero. "AUSTIN RULES AUSTIN RULES", then he leaves and we hate him once again for "betraying us?" I am ashamed to be a Roughrider fan at the current stage of the franchise.

That being said, I have faith in Tillman but I expect a losing season this year.

I still love, and respect KJ, and I will continue to wear my KJ rider jersey proudly.

Hated austin for nearly 2 decades... Seriously? Try just over one.

I pretty much agree with your assesment about hating our ex-QBs (Hank excepted).

But I find your final comment both puzzling and astonishing.
You have faith in ET AND you expect the team to implode under him?
So I can only conclude, what?
You have faith that he is doing a lousy job?
I am confused?
I do remember a lot of people saying similar things last year though--"That ET, what a terrific job he is doing. But I think we will miss the play-offs".

Austin did not win anybody a Grey Cup in '88. It was 1989!!!!!!! Of all the dates to get wrong . . . You get the easiest one in RoughRider History.

Then you say that you are ashamed to be a Rider fan at the current state in the Franchise? What did the franchise do to you that makes you ashamed?

From the sound of your rant it is the fans that make you ashamed not the Franchise. Right after my post and other posts that specifically state we do not feel hate towards KJ.

Then you say you have faith in Tillman and expect a losing season. What kind of faith is that?

UnrealRiders . . . unreal for sure.

If only all Riders fans were as classy as you... :expressionless:

Most fans don't hate players that get traded away. As most players that get traded away have very little say in the matter. There is a difference between what Austin did and to a certian extent what Burris did. Austin is one of the few if not the only quarterback to ask out right in public for a trade. Burris is hated because he told the fans he would be back but left for more money. I personally don't hate Burris for leaving for more money and the guarntee to start. I don't like him for his crybaby style of play.

In terms of Austin, I was only starting to get respect back for him, then he did his sneaking out of town again routine. Sorry, he is lower imo then he was when he left the first time.

Sounds exactly like KJ to me.

…yeah…exactly the same…minus the fact that he was traded instead of leaving as a FA…yep, exactly the same situation there…

but it is still a money issue.

So are most other things involved in issue?

Well that shuts down my argument entirely :roll:

I never really took the position that this trade will kill us either. Infact, I predicted Sask to win the cup again :o I still have hope that Riderfans have a treat coming.... blind hope, perhaps.

Kevin Glenn, Michael Bishop, Buck Pierce will not be coming to Saskatchewan. There's a 99.9% chance we will start with Crandell and develop Durant, Tate, or Jyles. I suggest to everyone to relieve themselves of this false hope that Tillman is gonna make a block buster trade for a established QB.

There is hope, unlike Edmonton and Hamilton who only have great QB's. We have a great team. I have more hope for a GC repeat with a great TEAM over a great QB anyday.

I think they should have found a way to pay KJ under the table--you know TO has to be way over the cap. KJ was a salary dump and TO hardly gave up anything. I guess they figure if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'.

I wouldnt say that.