The Argos lost to the team they had dominated a couple of weeks ago. :?

Why you say? :?:

Is it the refs? No.
Is it the turovers? No.
Is it Ted White? No. :oops:
Is it Éric Lapointe? Almost.
Is it the coaching? No.
Is it... No.

I will tell you the real reason why the Argos lost. They lost because they were cursed. :shock:

Yes, that is right, cursed during the game ! :twisted:

If you remember, after a touchdown in the first quarter, Argo receiver R.J. Soward went on the sidelines and picked a pack of pop-corn that he brought back on the field to celebrate. It didn't anger the refs. Rather it angered the GODS!!!!

Watching from the spirit world were the ancient Maya and Aztec gods of POPPED-CORN (or popcorn). And when they saw the sacreligious gesture, their fury fell on the Argos like Neptunes rath on the Greek boatmen!

"Who dares to blasphemy thy sacred cereal", they said! :evil:

And everthing crumbled from there.

Now that is what I call a good football analysis. :smiley:

lol, thats awesome. its too bad for you guys that the esks dont celebrate like idiots.... i guess you get to lose next game haha GO ESKS

As much as I dislike the Esks I agree there recievers are showboating lunch bucket crew....GO MONTREAL!!!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

ar-BLOWS front page:

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

wait a sec

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

hehehe butterfingers, good one !

When I saw Soward celebrating with his popcorn and no flags were thrown, I had mixed emotions. First, I was angry that the refs would let that go. But then, I became positive about it, because that kind of things always come back to haunt you.

I couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing in the middle of the first quarter. With about 50 minutes to be played, wasn't it a bit early to start being an ass?

When he did that, he sent the message: "Man, this is too easy. We don't even have to try hard to beat these guys." And I think everybody got the message. His fellow teammates stopped putting up the effort needed and the Als got mad and worked harder.

Thank you Soward for being such a lousy thinker. You rank up there with the great minds like Troy Westwood.

Drumming_God, this is the Front Page of the Year ! ROFLMAO !

Troy "banjo" Westwood, the Lions that predicted they would finish with a perfect 18-0 season just before their first loss, that dink on the Als that ran up a 30 yard penalty all on his own.....What was his name? Matthews canned him right after that. Don't forget Roy "we're going to decapitate Henry Burris" Shivers.....

The league is full of morons who like to run their mouths. Who else am I missing?

It whole pop crow thing was 100% unsportmen like, and for that reason I'm glad the Argos lost.

it was funny, but down right nastly!

Like the Winnipeg BB's TD dance rotine.

I definitely agree I dont see how that is any different from when keith stokes pulled out a magazine from behind the goalpost

I thought maybe I was the only one to make the connection that the popcorn incident could come back to haunt the Argos. But now that I see the front page of the Sun it seems like its all over the place. I'm wondering if we'll see RJ Soward back with the argos next year?

.. RJ..maybe working in the concession area.....Damon took a pounding in that perspective was that he was just dead tired...I' m afraid you guys in TO. are going to have to look at the fact the man is 42....and in a tough hitting game like a playoff ...he just can't cut it anymore....reality has just set in for Allen... :!:

I'd be more concerned about the Argos pathetic run defense than whoever's at quarterback.

It was like the Edmonton game a month back - the entire defense knows EXACTLY who is going to get the ball handed off to them, but the back still gains 10 yards no problem.


Are you guys Kidding?
The Argos lost for the same reason that Calgary lost last week - 6 turnovers. With 6 TOs Laval could beat the Pats.

This year the Grey Cup will not feature teams that really represent the best in the league. The Eskimos are backing in because they got lucky on turnovers two games in a row. Als are in because of one lucky game and 12 hours of travel for Saskatchewan.

Esk and Als fans can thump themselves all over if they want. This year's Cup is already a joke.

If I understand you right:

  • The Grey Cup won't showcase the best teams, because those real quality teams turned the ball over so often they got eliminated. Happily they were the best. Imagine how things might have went if they weren't the cream of the crop. They might have turned it over 15 times.

  • The Als are partly into the playoffs because Saskatchewan had to travel 12 hours to get in Montreal... And, of course, had the Riders made it to the Grey Cup game, THEN we would have had the best team in the game... The crossover team is always the league's best, right?

  • The Eskimos and the Alouettes don't deserve to be in the playoffs because they're CLEARLY not that good. Why they both made it to the big game three times in four years is beyond explanation...

... I do hope I don't understand you right. Because if I do, it really means you are the most ridiculous football analyst.

12 hours? In what universe? It's about a 4 hour plane trip at most. Unless the team couldn't get a flight out of Regina airport (read: grid road) and had to travel by dogsled to Saskatoon to hop a flight.

...Or maybe they flew the other way and went 3/4 of the way around the world to get to Montreal? 12 hours? Puh-lease.

And the only joke in the CFL is the gruesome twosome of Barrett & Shivers. They've singlehandedly turned "the great underdogs" into a bunch of jack***es. Get rid of them and you'll have much more sympathy, rider fans.

Saskeskfan, I do remember there was a problem at the airport that delayed the Riders flight many hours. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it did took them a lot of time to get to Montreal.

Now, to use that as an excuse is such a good example of what denial is.

I wasn't aware of the delay, but you're right in that it had nothing to do with their loss. Well maybe not nothing......about as much as all the cumulative farts from all the butterflies in China during the game.

What bugs me most about almost all the Rider fans is that they like to blame EVERYONE else for their losses. And they truly believe it, too - that's the frightening part. We got blamed here for their loss of $$$ because we beat them and denied them a home playoff game. If it meant that much, why didn't they win, huh? Blame your team, your coach, your GM. Don't level the blame at anyone else.

When I grew up in Sask, sportsmanship actually meant something. Not anymore.