The really strange thing about Sunday's game... the end, in the West, a raw rookie Head Coach will be ahead of both Buono and Hufnagel in the standings

winning raw rookie Head Coach = :smiley:
losing raw rookie head coach = :?
Hufnagel and Buono = :oops:

...Trestman, Lapolice and Barker = :lol:

go eat something, you be getting lightheaded :wink:

Hopefully, it's the one wearing the cap that has white with the green :slight_smile: :rockin:

......Trestman, Lapolice, Barker and Reed has a nice ring to it; Ya think. :cowboy:

Not really surprising, some coaches hang on well past their prime and can't adapt well enough to the ever changing game.

What is even stranger is Edmonton could be alone in first place in the West.

This is impossible.

Really ? How's that ?

If that happens, I'll have to enjoy it while I can, cause it won't last. :lol:

oops !

Riders sucked big time. Last year's cup finalists losing their home opener to last years worst team by a blow out ....unacceptable. Marshall was not the right choice for a coach, there's a reason he was turned down for a head coaching job 5 previous times. It seems every team other than the riders have improved over last year. Rider's O Line is still bad & now their D Line is also bad. Special teams are still a big problem. Makes you wonder what the coaching staff was doing in the off season. Losing Eric Tillman as GM is going to really hurt, politically the team had to let him go given the circumstances, but it will hurt them on the field. Eric has a real talent for finding talent, the rider's record speaks for itself since he came on board. Unfortunately he's now with another team and today we were witness to his ability for creating a winning team. Marshall better get his act together fast, I don't think the rider nation is going to tolerate losing and poor performance.

Technically the Bombers were the worst team last season. :smiley: And I wouldn't call for Marshall's head after only one game.

Relax, an upset for Rider nation but look at us TiCats, we lost but we will be in the Grey Cup come November. :wink:

It is one game and they lost two 1000 yard NI receivers, that has to be made up for. I am not sure if Edmonton showed a lot of speed or if the Riders are just plain slow… Takes about a month to figure out what teams are for sure. Montreal coming to town next, nice…

Defensive ends are a problem, not the whole d-line. I thought the O-line did okay. Way too early to be coming down on Marshall, I don't think he was the problem tonight. Players were fumbling, throwing interceptions, and getting beat on D. I'm thankful we don't have Tillman or else Duval might be kicking for us. I like the receivers Taman brought in.

DIVAl's punting tonight was world class. He was horrible last week and this week blows every other punters in week one. Strange dude, got to be one of the most inconsistant kicker I've ever seen in the CFL.

When he does have a bad punt it tends to be at really bad times. Tonight he had a terrible punt at the end of the half that allowed the Riders great field position and they scored a TD to get right back in it. Unfortunately he didn't help us out again.

Yup. He had that one awful punt that gifted the Riders an easy 7. Instead of having 41 seconds to march the length of the field, they had to go about 45 yards and it took 20 seconds. It seems like he's a punter that chokes in the big moments. His past 2 Grey Cup games were horrible. I think I'd rather have someone who maybe doesn't have the potential that he has, but is far more consistent.