The realistic critique

Lets be real this team needs a wake up call.To me they look out of shape,slow and not on the ball,it just goes on and on with dumd penalties like facemasking ,offside and tunovers.In this game we had zero points with the wind and several times Henry
should have just thrown the ball out of bounds and given us the chance for at least a field goal.A disorganized defence yet again leaves recievers wide open,the offence and kicking looked looked pathetic so coach Austin has his hands full for sure.
Oh yes I know others here will try to defend the team and can't stand negative comments but lets be realistic our team is out of touch with reality.

You got that right!! Jokes all night...... now what? 37 - nuthin

This "team" should be ashamed of itself. :roll:

Correction...The entire organization from top to bottom...

If you really want to be realistic, you can just sum it up by saying teams have more skill then we do.
With the exception of Winnipeg, our talent level is probably the worst in the league. Who's fault is that?

Some people just put the time in and are glad they get paid, others actually produce.

I think many critics will be singing a different tune by seasons end.

I know that's the drum that you love to beat, but I disagree with that.

I think Dave Ritchie's famous old CFL lament is probably realistic-- "You can count on a loss for every rookie you start" -- or something along that line. If so, we've got a lot more losing to do!

I don't want to appear overly optimistic but how can you evaluate a team that has many of their starters out through injury and playing with somewhat untested fill-ins? Consider: Webb, Gant, Breaux, Gable, Fantuz, Jones, Peach, T. Davis, Bowman, Stala. Missing these guys is going to affect our overall performance no matter how you look at it. If we had the full stable on a consistant basis, I think we would be writing a different story, and certainly would not have looked as bad as we did against the Riders. I don't know if we will ever have our full team back, but I find it hard to bash this team at this point.

I agree. :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy suffered through Sunday. First, the "Great White Dope" wins the Open and my Cats get smoked.)

A lot of new threads started up immediately after yesterday's loss, but I chose to join this one because of the word "realistic." The reality that is the CFL is that our Cats have 14 more games to end up in 2nd place; there will probably be a western crossover again this year. We are currently in second place (not last as the Spec has ranked us since last Monday). We have beat the Bombers and we can do it again. The Bombers have split their games with the Als so far, so I believe we can beat the Larks a couple of times this year. We only lost to the Argos because of Gable's drop, so I think we can get a win or two over them this year. And the Eskies handled the rain better than the Cats did but they are truly not a great team, so beating them in the rematch is not out of the question.
Although it's been demanded by some in other current threads, nobody is firing Austin before the end of the season. He is too proud not to try to improve his team. The reality that is the CFL also means that general managers pull George Brancatto-style airlifts throughout every season to improve the talent of their teams. We will get one or two better players when NFL teams finalize their cuts, and Andy and Dave will get healthy sometime.
Even with my limited number of posts, I know I've killed 4 threads, so respond. You can even ask me what I've been smoking.

Realistically, we got smoked!
The "D" hung in and only surrendered field goals in the first half to a very strong Green team,
I was actually impressed with the "D" in the 1st half.
The 2nd half it seemed they didn't stand a chance.
Sharpie nose saw the weaknesses on "D" and Bagg killed us.

On Offense,
The lack of a running game is putting alot of pressure on the QB and "O" line
there wasn't even any screens except the screen that Lamar dropped that would have gone for a TD! :roll:
I like Ellingson and Grant as receivers.

It looks as tho B.C. is the only team that could play 4 quarters with Sask right now,
their "O" Line and "D" line are pretty strong.
They have built a team to play in the Grey Cup this year held in their hometown.

This is the CFL,
I still have hope for 2nd in the East but we must beat Peg and Al's.
We can do that.

The Ticats are still suffering from mistakes of the past. Bob Obillovich was a good football man
However, His ability to spot talent on the defensive side of the ball was weak in his last couple
of years as Ticats GM. It left a us with a weak defensive team. Bellefaille couldn’t fix it and it cost
him his job. Cortez was incapable of fixing it and it cost him his job. They both tried to outscore the opposition in order compensate for the fact they couldn’t stop anyone. ( Chamblin & Creehan ) Two defensive co-ordinators
tried to run a defence that was simply too short on talent to be effective. They ended up, for the most part, spinning
their wheels. The problem with this team on the defensive side of the ball are long term. They will require time
to fix them. I like what Austin is trying to do. IMHO he is extending training camp. He is constantly bringing in new
talent and has no hesitation to make changes in an attempt to upgrade.
Peach and Boudreau were both horrible in the Toronto game and neither has played since. They haven’t been released in some knee jerk reaction but an upgrade search is ongoing. Mediocre play is not being tolerated for the first time in years.
Injuries , unfortunately , will slow the process. This process will take time. We have to be patient and optimistic.
Although it is a long term fix we are finally headed in the right direction. When this team is healthy it will be a good one that will improve with each game.

debacle: the result when an under prepared group of under trained, under motivated, under disciplined people come together to form a 'team' to contest a field owned by a team of prepared, motivated, disciplined, trained people.

Yer right Grover,2nd place is achievable!.....Cause this just might go down as the worst East division in history!!!!
The way things look right now the final standings might look something like this

my prediction is first time in history NO TEAM in the east will post an above .500 record!!! Pathetic!!!! :oops: :oops: :cry: :thdn:

Realistically, the coaches and players should be embarrassed. Realistically, we need a running game that includes a line that can run block and a RB that can power through and get 2 yards when we need two yards.. Realistically we need a pass rush. Realistically injuries are messing with our line up and we have no chemistry. Realistically this team is not sharp and does not appear to have the proper focus.

The coaches have a lot of work to do IMO.

I was pissed off and embarrassed watching that game last night, If as a fan that's how I feel I hope the coaches and players feel worse. I hope they get to work come out next week with some focus and some pride and compete.

And to further your point, in the first half, the offense turned the ball over 3 times that resulted in only 2 FGs.

14 games to go in the season. Anything can happen.

Exactly, too early to abort the ship yet. This team could very easily be 2-2. Last night was much closer than the score indicates. If Ellingson does not fumble at mid field, Burris get stopped at 3rd down at midfield, and if Burris threw the ball 2 yards further to Ellingson in the endzone, the Cats could have been winning at half-time. I know it is a lot of ifs, ands, or buts, but this game was very winnable (up until the 4th)