The REAL WR Rankings

  3. SIMON
  4. BRUCE
  10. BAKER

No Way

  1. J. Tucker
  2. J. Copeland
  3. D. Mitchell
  4. B. Cahoon
  5. G. Simon
  6. A. Bruce
  7. J. Armstead
  8. N. Lewis
  9. R. Baker
  10. M. Stegall

J. Tucker Is Leading The League With 32 Catches For 612 Yrds. And 7 TDs. That's Not Really A Number 8 Preformer.

Tucker had 2 solid games where most of those numbers came from. Lewis isn't even on my top 20 list.

  1. Mitchell-always a good presence
  2. Simon-big play receiver
  3. Baker-turns nothing into something
  4. Cahoon-catches the ball anywhere
  5. Bruce-does everything
  6. Clermont-not big on stats, huge on everything else
  7. Stegall-still has it
  8. Vaughn-why wouldnt he be?
  9. Copeland-big play guy...just doesnt play football though
  10. Armstead-Special teamer and good receiver

Geez a little bias Eskimos32001??

Wheres Nik Lewis??
Copeland doesnt play football???
Mitchell no.1 ??? please

IMO Tucker drop to much ball this year to be listed as #1.

Well He's Still Leading The League In TDs, Reception Yards, And Longest Reception.

Nick Lewis Has More Yrds. Then Thelwell, Stegall, Or Simon On The Same Number Of Catches.

Hoopster has a talent for getting his standings wrong. Bamboo was pretty accurate. I'd relist them this way:

  1. Jason Tucker
  2. Ben Cahoon
  3. Geroy Simon
  4. Jeremaine Copeland
  5. Derrel Mitchell
  6. Arland Bruce III
  7. Jason Armstead
  8. Nick Lewis
  9. Terry Vaughn (though I admit he is currently not in sync with Calvillo)
  10. Jason Clermont

Finally a non-argo fan realizing Baker is more than just a kicker beater. The way he makes plays, he can punch my kicker anyday.

Copeland plays some other game that involves being an *ss to refs, Nik Lewis drops the ball right in front of the ref…you do that…not on my list.

JT is amazing, he makes amazing catches, drops a few , but is amazing…Mitchell does everything, draws double coverage, and still gets 100 yards

i don’t really care where you put them but copeland and lewis SHOULD be in there somewere

I miss Copeland...

.........there there lil have Ted White........

Right. We could carve three Jermaine out of one Ted.

Jason Tucker
Jermaine Copeland
Arland Bruce
Geroy Simon
Robert Baker
Ben Cahoon
Nik Lewis
Milt Stegall
Ryan Thelwell

Tucker is #1. He was #1 last year too.

Can't deny Tucker is the number one guy right now, and Mitchell is number two, credit this to Ricky Ray.

my top 5


Kinda funny how the best receivers have the best qb's throwing them the ball huh. Ray, AC, Dickenson/Printers, Allen.. looks like an eventual hall of fame group to me.

Tucker is NOT ahead of Copeland.

Actually, Tucker IS ahead of Copeland, in receiving yards and TD’s. What category were you using to place Copeland above Tucker? Beer drinking?

tucker and mitchell are ahead of copeland in TD's and yards. But copeland has one game in hand, so if he picks up 60 yards tomorrow, he'd be the leader in yards.