The real turning point

Everyone thinks the turning point was the flag at the end of the game, it wasn't.

The real turning point was when two older BC fans (attending their 5th straight Grey Cup) congratulated my friend and I with about 11 minutes left in the 4th quarter (when we were up 27-11). They said we had it in the 'bag'. We tried to tell them that this was the CFL and anything can happen (especially when you're only up by two scores), but they would have none of it and left the game.

At that point I knew that big of jinx was just to much to overcome.

I believe somewhere a little while ago somebody commented that the Riders loss would somehow be BC's fault. And now, here is 100% UNDENYABLE PROOF it was BC's fault!
Good thing this was cleared up quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Roughy, it was around that time that an idiot guy in front of me who had a white board wrote “Riders Grey Cup Champs” or something along those lines on his board. For his absolutely atrocious act, the Riders Lost. My friend told him to erase it and he did, but the damage was done.

Hehe, these guys obviously haven't been Rider fans long enough if they thought it was close to over then... Heck, 16 points, that's 2 scores and a short kickoff... if we say it takes 10 seconds to run from one end of the field to the other and 5 seconds to perform a short kick.... then a game like that is not over till there's less than 25 seconds left :slight_smile: .

The game was lost in the first quarter when Congi missed that short field goal.

Or at the end of the first half when the Riders chose to kick a field goal instead of going for a TD. . .

Or in the second half when they conceded a single instead of making the Als punt after a second penalty for having no end on the line. . .

the 'Ifs' go on and on . . .

Or, if we had gambled on 3rd and 5 in our own end instead of punting we may have made it and ran the clock out... (yeah, 'ifs' go on forever).

The two Stamps fans in front of me congratulated me and left when it was 27 - 11 as well. I told them it was too soon to say that....but they were not to be persuaded otherwise.

I also said that the missed FG in the 1st quarter was gonna come back to haunt us. ARGH!!!! So frustrating!!!!!

The real turning point was Saskatchewan's decision to wear the retro uniforms. Those ones are cursed...

the first one was not an error, it was the smart play.

2nd yes, I think they shouldn't have given that up.

I wasn't saying that the first one was an error, just a potential turning point. Certainly conventional wisdom would be kick the FG, which is what they did. But if they had gone for the TD, and gotten it (not a sure thing, I grant you that), I suspect that would have been game over.

In the first quarter, when the Riders faced a 3rd and 1 and went for the field goal, I remember thinking this was not "playing to win". They were about at Montreal's 30. When getting the extra yard works so often, you have to go for it, especially the way the Riders just dominated Montreal at that point in the game.

This doesn't mean the Riders would have gotten a TD. They would still have had 29 yards to go following that first down, but by kicking it, they sure turned down their chance to get more.

I actually think that's the first time since they were introduced that they've lost in them. They "new retro" uni's they introduced this year with the wheat thingy on them are cursed.

1967, 1969, 1972, 1976. So 1-5 now with the old logo, 2-1 with the new....

Oh I misunderstood, I meant more since they re-introduced them back in '07. And I see you're just going by Grey Cups.