The real riders or a fluke?

Just wondering what u all thought about the riders practice on saturday that the Esk's were nice enough to participate in. We got alot of players back (fantuz, B Johnson, Chick, Dominguez, cates and soon flick) and we had a dominating performance against a pretty half decent team. Was this just the esk's not showing up or was this the team we've always had we just haved been able to show it because of all the injuries?

PS....Bishop showed alought of composure and good descision making out their and i think we should ride him to the last game of the season.

Another question i have is with Luca, Mckenzie, Lloyd and know williams showing they can be dominate? is it time to start thinking about a 3-4 defense for next year?

Kitwana is also playing out of position, as he's a more natural linebacker. If we get some more of Sheante Williams, Dek Bake, John Chick, Stevie Baggs healthy at the same time, I can see it happening.

We do 3-man pressure as it is at times. With more healthy bodies on the line, we can change it up and do even more different looks than we do now. And rotating guys in and out keeping them fresh and hungry for their chance.

And yes. These riders walk, talk, and act like the 6-0 team. They know how to win the close one, and even when the QB is playing bad and getting pulled, he's handing off a decent game to the next guy (Durant handed Jyles a 3 point deficit, and Jyles handed Bishop a 27 point lead).

I think it's a bit of both. The Riders played great but the Eskimos didn't even show up. It didn't look like they had any interest in playing that game. Bishop had a really good half of football but he also didn't have any pressure on him and the game was over when he started. Obviously we know what Bishop can do and we can be a great team with that Bishop. It's just a matter of whether he shows up or not.

How could the Esks just not show up?

This is the worst argument in the history of football analysis.

You'd think that since the Eskimos were playing bad, maybe it was the Roughriders that had something to do with it.

Ricky Ray showed up believe me. His fumble and two picks are proof that he was there.

Bishop showed a lot but does that mean that he gets to start the rest of the season? Jyles did not look that bad. That wind was insane.

The Riders D was incredible on Saturday.

without a doubt, the Roughriders showed their true colors!!

this is a team that is capable of destroying anyone if they are totally on their game! like they were on Saturday!

you wait and see!