The real reason we won last night.

Hi all. I just had to share this story. With joy and excitement I informed my nine year old daughter that the Cats won last night. Her response, "I prayed for them to win."

The best part is she also admitted that she didn't pray that for the teams benefit. Apparently Daddy gets a little grumpy when the Ticats don't play too well ... :oops:

Ok that is adorable. Good for her. Tell her to keep on praying. We need all the help we can get. :wink:

PS. Thank her for her help.

LOL, That is priceless! Tell her to keep up the good work! :wink:

Also I think we are all guilty of the reason why she prayed... :lol: :lol:

I think we all did a little praying last night

Amen to that.

The Little General must have heard her and pulled some strings up there!

I'll admit I don't believe in God, but I came very close to doing so after the Otis Floyd interception. :slight_smile:

I do (and teach theology) and can tell you that her prayer was more accurate and appropriate than most of which I'm aware. :slight_smile:

And as I'm thankful for all good things, I thanked God for my ability to be happy for the interception... and cheered my head off.

You can add me to the list of grumpy guys after most ticat games .

I am still on a high after that win ..It was a breathe of fresh air

The one thing Iliked the most was play selection ...they had both davis and cobb and reverses out opf the backfield and currie on the hitch pass and qb draws and that pass to cobb for the long td was a work of are where cobb and davis came at glatt and glatt had to chose one and wehn he leaned toward davis that is what set cobb free ...

also the defence was agressive when they were holding onto the lead unlike other years and that is why they stopped them .thanks to marshalll

I remember those theology classes. Personally I am thrilled with two things in this. One my daughter is developing a prayer life. Two, she is developing into a real Ticat fan. (She is coming to the game with me on Saturday)


I sure like Porter as your QB. Don't rag on him Ti-Cat fans if he throws a few interceptions down the road. From what I saw against the Lions, he is going to develop into a very nice QB.

Kudo's to you guys, you deserved the win..... we didn't.

I'm as athiest as it gets and I was on my knees prayin' to all the certified deities on that final drive!! J.C, Allah, Buddah, Dekaniwida, Thor, Athena, George Carlin, Mickey Mantle.....really, all of them!

One or all of them pulled did Floyd.

You forgot the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He reached down with His Noodly Appendage and decreed our Victory!


Well, this thread just proves that it is possible to talk religion and still have a good chuckle!

This is a true story of an Anglican Church in Hamilton......the changeable message sign on the Church property said this when the Toronto Maple Leafs last made a serious playoff run..... "God is unbiased but we're not!....Go Leafs Go!"

Honest, that's a true story......I laughed my butt off when I saw that... :lol:

Somehow, I have to think that God, Creator or whatever you believe in must sit back and laugh hysterically at how anal and deadly serious so many on earth get when discussing religion/theology......a sense of humour about all things probably solves a lot of problems in actual fact.

Great thread!! :rockin:

My God has a great sense of humour, but is very compassionate.

Sense of humour - he made farts audible and gave them their fragrance.

Compassionate - He didn't make them visible or coloured (heyyyyyyyy, look at George, he is being followed by a purple gaseous anomaly)


lol that cool. Well get her preying for Sat. lol

May God bless your lil girl no matter what happens in football.