The REAL RB Ratings

  1. Corey Holmes - The Barry Sanders of the CFL
  2. Troy Davis - Pure Workhorse
  3. Antonio Warren - Solid, but slow
  4. Charles Roberts - Playermaker
  5. Kenton - Will Surprise some
    6 Josh Ranek - Inconsistent
  6. Hakim Hill - Learning stage
  7. Joffrey Reynolds - Tough, but not skilled
  8. John Avery - Fading fast
  9. Ron McClendon - Room to improve
  10. Eric Lapointe - Worse back in the league

.........Reynolds has the same number of yards with less carries than Holmes and Roberts and you mark him as eighth in the league........and then say he has no skill..........might want to check what they're putting in your Detroit water there hoopy........

Key injuries have affected Holmes. With its top WR out, teams are focusing on Holmes and bringing the pressure to him.

No Help for Holmes.

Josh Ranek is inconsistent because he has to open his own holes all the time.

And, really, how can John Avery rank above anybody...

That ranking is weak.

Avery is due for a good game or two.

hard to comment on such a random rating system. at least you got the names right.

How about this?

  1. Charles Roberts
  2. Joffrey Reynolds
  3. Troy Davis
  4. Josh Ranek
  5. Kenton Keith
  6. Corey Holmes
  7. Robert Edwards
  8. Antonio Warren
  9. Ronney Jenkins
  10. Jonas Lewis
  11. Eric Lapointe
  12. Michael Jenkins
  13. Ron McClendon
  14. Hakim Hill
  15. John Avery

And, would I add the fullbacks, they would pretty much all rank above Avery too.

Nothing random about it. This is how it really is.

Your joking right? Ranek ahead of the best back in the league?

This list looks a lot better then the hoopsters list.

I'd be curious to see Josh Ranek tryout with Saskatchewan's o-line...

lets see now

  1. Homes 66 carries 399 yrds 6.0 avg 0 td
  2. Roberts 70 carries 394 yrds 5.6 avg 2 td
  3. Renyolds 57 carries 394 yrds 6.9 avg 2 td

And you rate them 1st, 4th and 7th
Compleatly understandable :?

Hey look at this P Flemming and P Woodcock are tied with an 18 yrd per carry average.

personally this is my list it might not be that great but im new to this so here we go!!

1.Joffery Reynolds
2.Charles Roberts
3.Corey Holmes
4.Josh Ranek
5.Troy Davis
6.Antonio Warren
7.Ron Mcclendon
8.Eric Lapoint
9.Kenton Keith
10.Jonas Lewis(seen him play alittle and he lookd good to me)

this is just my opinion dose anyone think was any good? probley not? but i'm new so their we go anyway!

  1. Hil- TORl
  2. Avery- TOR
  3. McClendon- EDM
  4. Lapointe- MTL
  5. Keith- SK
  6. Warren- BC
  7. Reynolds- CAL
  8. Ranek- OTT
  9. T. Davis- HAM
  10. Roberts- WPG
  11. Holems- SK

No clear cut number one yet.

IF were to base a list on this year's performances only it would go like this

1.Corey Holmes
2.Charles Roberts
3.Josh Ranek
4.Joffrey Reynolds
5.Ron McClendon
6.Antonio Warren
7.Troy Davis
8.Hakim Hill
9.Eric Lapointe (This guy downright sucks)
10.John Avery (Just Terrible)

right now.....

  1. Holmes
  2. Reynolds
  3. Roberts
  4. Davis
  5. Warren
  6. Ranek
  7. McClendon
  8. Edwards
  9. Avery

Kenton Keith- is the Most explosive back (game breaker& probably the fastest), but also is the most fragile , hes hurt more than he plays.
Joffery Reynolds -is the most promising back- This guy is unproven only because Calgary doesnt utilize him enough, good power & moves. Break out game for him against Sask but can he repeat consistently? ( potential Game Breaker)
Charles Roberts- is the most Illusive back - small size tough to tackle - quick feet - always dangerous.(game breaker)
Cory Holmes - is the most versatile Back- Run, catch, punt returns, kickoff returns. he does it all
Troy Davis - the most overrated back- dont get me wrong this guys got power speed and puts up yardage, but doesnt make me all warm & fuzzy watching him run. Doesnt have game breaker potential like Keith or Roberts. and playing behind Hamilton Stinkercats doesnt help his cause.
John Avery - Very talented running back currently with McCallum Syndrome, total loss of confidence, everything he touches turns to mud. IF he cant regain his touch time for aging argos to dump him
Antonio Warren - Power speed & balance- terribly under utilized (see Joffery Reynolds)- (Potential Game Breaker)
Josh Ranek - Compact - Quick- decent power -this guy would be scary behind a Good Oline (potential game breaker)
Eric Lapointe - Montreal dont run much hence I dont pay attention to him - Total Unknown .
Hakim Hill - Likes too just run over people- too early too judge him- but has potential.

I dont think there is a clear cut # 1 ranking - But if I had to name 2 that can change the complexion of a game at any time it would be Keith and Roberts -
Reynolds- Warren - Holmes - Ranek are all pretty close

Reynolds got lucky against SSK. Next time SSK will be prepared

Well the fact that Davis Mitchell & Benefield were missing helped is cause, never less he is still a very good running back, dont under rate his potential.