The REAL QB Rankings

1 Printers - This guy is the centerpiece of the league right now
2.Greene - Winner written all over him
3. Dickenson - He can play
4. Joesph - It's a shame he's on a bad team
5. Ray - He's overrated
6. Allen - Fragile, but good
7. Burris - Should be better
8. Martin - Still learning
9. McManus - Should have been out of the league 3 years ago

Before a Montreal fan gets here and says this

How can you do a real qb ranking and forget the guy who had 4 1000 yard receivers last year, Anthony Calvillo.

And who was only the third QB in CFL history to throw for over 6000 yards last year!

[quote="hoopster"]1 Printers - This guy is the centerpiece of the league right now

Calvillo IS the centerpiece of the league and may always be as long as he is around.

And how can you rank first and call "the centerpiece of the CFL" a guy who has yet to play this year?

By the way, Cavillo deserved the league MVP last year for the second year in a row, calling his own plays and setting CFL records in the process, although some will disagree, that's opening up a whole other can of worms!

Ok, this is my ranking based solely on this year's performances (not counting what guys did previously in their career):

#1 - Dickenson
#2 - Greene
#3 - Joseph
#4 - Calvillo
#5 - Ray
#6 - Allen
#7 - Martin
#8 - Burris
#9 - McManus
#10 - Glenn

How is Joseph a good qb playing on a bad team. Ottawa is tied for 1st in the east. Say what you want about the Gades, they will make the playoffs this year.

I find it a little strange that all you guys have Nealon Greene in the top 3 QB's in the league, yet there are still people in Saskatchewan who do not see this guy as the real deal.

Them's the people that have their heads buried so far up their.................well, you know how that saying finishes.



  1. dickenson
  2. joseph-hes gonna be good
  3. calvillo
  4. allen
  5. ray - he will come around though
  6. green
  7. mcmanus
  8. and 9 glenn and burris fighting it out.

talented no shows
poss. wynn

got to the show but no talent

Tee Martin hasn't been much impressive. But his receivers also need to be blamed. I never quite took a good look at these guys hands, but I recently started wondering if they had fingers. How can you drop so many balls? That Kamau Peterson guy is terrible. He would make guys like O'Neil Wilson look like stars.

i have said that since we got him. they spoke so highly of him but him hasn't been able to catch a ball since he got here over a year ago. and stoddard sits on the sidelines... figure that one out.

peterson, stokes, martin, maybe daley and taman. get them out of the game and the bombers could compete.

These are some pretty good lists. I would like to see Ray a little higer. I don't think he should lose points for one bad week. But I've only seen him a few times this year. And Joseph is looking like he is going to put a good season together. When is he going to be a F/A? :wink:

Greene as #2, you must be kidding.
Sure he can complete the 5 yard passes, I've yet to see him complete a deep ball.

I think Sask fans are getting a little excited based on wins against a struggling Winnipeg and Hamilton team.

When they faced a non struggling team, they lost.

greene is decent and has made some long passes. having said that i ranked him sixth so i shouldn't be the one defendign him i guess.

Joseph playing for a bad team?
You tell him Gades!!
Come over here Sucka and get some Capital Punishment!
Who's your team Hoopster? REVEAL NOW!

I smell a little bit O' Capital Punishment a-comin'

1- Anthony Calvillo
2- Ricky Ray
3- Dave Dickenson
4- Kerry Joseph
5- Damon Allen
6- Nealon Greene
7- Henry Burris
8- Tee Martin
9- Danny McManus

You can't judge one quarterback on a bad game. (Ricky Ray) Because every quarterback has had that. And Glen Suitor said, the elite quarterbacks in the league, are the ones who can come back and win, or can hold a slim lead and win. Ricky Ray came back and won. He put that pass to Mitchell right on the money.

I haven't seen Nealon Greene complete one deep ball. They all go high in the air, and go right in the sidelines, or he overthrows them.

Troy Westwood and Paul McCallum are the league's centrepieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Esks drool!

no way! tee martin is the best!!