**the REAL Power Rankings**

i will post tsn's and sportsnets once they are available...if u disagree with one of my rankings, please dont be a 'fan-boy' about it ( like rawnotsoblabla..will be )... explain your argument.

#1 Montreal - leagues only unbeaten team
#2 BC - out played sask thu 7 of 8 quarters
#3 Calgary - switch with edmonton if u want
#3 Edmonton - switch with calgary if u want
#5 Saskatchewan - defence is amazing...waiting for O to catch up
#6 Winnipeg - dito, but they did beat torontos backup, whereas sask beat DD.
#7 Toronto - can't muster more than 79 yards of O, desperatly lost without allen.
#8 Hamilton - leagues only winless team with leagues worst kicker

note: winnipeg will have a chance to further prove themselves against edmonton this week.


I rank Wpg higher then Sask because of the blow out from week one

for week 2 only (like a report):

  1. Montreal
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Edmonton
  5. Calgary
  6. BC
  7. Hamilton
  8. Toronto

Are these rankings how they performed in week 2, or how you think the standings will be by the end of regular season?

rankings on performance thu week 1 and 2...u also have to consider who the team played.

#1 Montreal - leagues only unbeaten team
#2 BC - Riding the strength of the week one blow out. Had a chance to win in week two.
#3 Sask - defence lost game one, won them game two. But their offence is still putting up points which is why they are ahead or Winnipeg, edmonton and calgary.
#4 Winnipeg - Impressive Defence in week two, would be higher if it werent for TO relying on backups
#5 Edmonton - week one should have gotten blown out 7 turn overs! Calgary blew week two handing them the win. really havent shown anything consistant on offence.
#6 Calgary - should have won both games. unable to convert on turnovers and their red zone play is horrible
#7 Toronto - can't muster more than 79 yards of O, desperatly lost without allen.
#8 Hamilton - leagues only winless team with leagues worst kicker

I like you rankings drummer....be interesting to see how the "experts" rank them.


I agree mostly with drummer, but I think I'd switch Saskatchewan with Edmonton. Sask obviously is ready to play some agressive football both on defence and on special teams. If Joseph can stop overthrowing/underthrowing his receivers, this team will head to the postseason for sure.

Edmonton has had a turnover problem, couldn't hold on to the lead one weak ago and won a squeaker this week. They play unimaginative football.

well, if winnipeg beats edmonton this week, then edmonton will drop down the rankings.

I pretty much agree with DG rankings, only I would put Sask ahead of Calgary and Edmonton due to the fact they have put up 60 pts and would be 2-0 if the D had shown up in game 1.

I think I would swap 3 and 5......

this is what TSN thinks about the power ranking after week 2

Updated June 26

(1)BC 1-1
The inability to get the running game going, even just a little bit, proved to be enough to stall the Lions in Saskatchewan. That, and allowing a 100-yard drive with the game on the line. And yet, they're still in top spot.

Outscored the TiCats 15-0 to pull away in the second half, the second straight week in which the Als have taken control of a game that was in doubt. This week, the Als couldn't get the ferocious pass rush on Jason Maas, but stifled running back Josh Ranek, limiting him to just 15 yards on nine carries.

The Week One disaster was redeemed by Kerry Joseph leading the Riders the length of the field to beat the Lions, but careless late penalties almost sealed Saskatchewan's fate. Joseph's rushing ability really proved to be the difference too, as he gained 92 yards on the ground and kept the ball moving.

(4)CALGARY 1-1
Moved the ball enough, but terrible interceptions by Henry Burris cost the Stamps against Edmonton. After getting shredded by Ricky Ray for two weeks in a row, to the tune of 785 yards, the Stamps might need to turn their defensive attention to the secondary.

As mentioned, Ricky Ray still has that difference-making potential, but there is a still something amiss with 785 passing yards only resulting in 32 total points. If the Esks start capitalizing on that ability to move the ball, look for regular 40-point games.

The defence could make the biggest difference in the fortunes of the team. Holding the Argos to 18 yards rushing and 94 yards passing, and with DE Ron Warner registering four of the Bombers' six sacks, it's going to be interesting seeing how the Bombers cope with Ray and the Eskimos.

(7)TORONTO 1-1
Now that Spergon Wynn is the starter, are opposing defences going to show any kind of respect that will allow the Argonauts to run the ball on occasion? Ricky Williams mustered only 14 yards on eight carries, but behind an offensive line that also surrendered six sacks, there are plenty of problem areas when the Argos have the ball.

Unable to get the running game going with Ranek, the Tiger Cats went scoreless in the second half to be the league's only 0-2 squad through two weeks. It will get better eventually, but visiting Calgary this week isn't necessarily going to turn things around quickly.

i agree with TSN's, but with the exception of montreal and BC, i think that they should be flip flopped..otherwise i guess they have t rite?

.....yeah, I agree with this assessment....kind of dumb though in the Calgary-Edmonton analysis though, first the writer berates Calgary's D for allowing 700 plus throwing yards, then berates Edmonton for only scoring 32 points with those yards......IMO he is critisising Calgary's D for doing their job.....in a soft cushion D that doesn't allow the big deadly strike a whole lot of little completions are going to add up.....you dont' win games off yards passing, you win off points........

3 missed field goals under 50 yards and a wide open tucker in the endzone(but landing just a toe out of bounds) accounts for this "lack of points" that the esks supposedly have. :roll:


  1. Montreal(2-0)- only team with two wins, enough said.
  2. BC (1-1)- although I didn't see the second game, it looks like they had two pretty solid games, but let the second one slip near the end.
  3. Edmonton(1-1)- passing offence proved that they are going to be dominant this year(800 yards in two games). Also displayed the fact that they can show up for only half of a game and still come out on top. Defence allowed too many "big plays", but were able to prevent the stamps from converting TD's in the red zone.
  4. Calgary(1-1)- Failed to capitalize in the red zone on many occasions over the past two games. FG points became almost only means of getting up on the score board. Allowed too many yards in the air. Passing offence w/ copeland looks like it could become a potential threat to most other teams in the league.
  5. Saskatchewan(1-1)- brutal first game by d, allowing 5 tds. Didn't see the second game, but it sounds like come from behind victory came pretty late in the game. Apparently Joseph is having trouble w/ passes, but scrambling very well. Receivers had fantastic gains on yards after the catch.
  6. Winnipeg(1-1)- had a chance to win first game, but Glenn failed by throwing INT's. Had a troublesome passing game in game #2. Charles Roberts and d-line look solid. Stopped a "damon allen-less" argo offence, somewhat of an accomplishment, but nothing to be too proud of.
  7. Toronto(1-1)- look for the team to struggle offensively until Damon Allen returns to the lineup. Ricky Williams is looking VERY poor IMO. Prediction: team goes 1-4 until allen gets back.
  8. Hamilton (0-2) - Having trouble having a solid game all around. Defence seems to be letting team down, as well as kicker Jamie Boreham. Look for the 'cats to struggle for a few more weeks as the team gels, before becoming a dominant force in the league.

Predictions: Hamilton and Toronto become the "bottom feeders" of the CFL for the next couple of weeks.

You are correct somewhat IMO. It is true that Calgary held off the esks by "bending but not breaking" in the first half of last weeks game, but that only allowed the esks to get 150 yards passing. It was in the second half where the esks began to completely dominate the Calgary d with passes of 15, 20, or 30 yards in succession, and this was where the eskimos got all of their passing yards. The esks would have had 7 more if Tucker caught the ball wide open in the endzone, and 2 more off of missed Fleming field goals that he should have made. I'm not the least bit worried about the esks pointing points on the board.

I think the stamps should be though. Settling for field goals in the red zone isn't all that appealing, and doesn't help you win football games.

Wow… TSN says that a team :

  • that could not get the running game going,
  • that gave two turnovers at the most inappropriate moment,
  • and that let a close game get away

should be ranked above :

  • the only unbeaten team
  • which won by over the double of the opponent score (game in doubt?)
  • and which allowed only 15 yards rushing.


Schultz must be doing the rankings!...LOL I'd flip Montreal and BC

me too.

Even a die hard Als fan like me would flip BC and Mtl. AC is struggling big time...

I'll wait until we meet Saks/EE/BC/Cal to put Mtl on top.

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