the REAL Power Rankings.

sportsnet's PRs are out.....can't say i agree.

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Not too bad. I'd switch Montreal and Toronto. I don't think the Als should've dropped that many spots for one loss. Other than that it looks good.

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Here is the CBC power rankings.

Marty York reports that David Braley has obtained a game day sponsor for the game. The Ty-D-Bol Company has agreed to donate a silver trophy to the winner of the October 16th game. They have retained the naming rights to the trophy and the CFL have approriately named it, The Ty D Bowl.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

how do they have calgary ranked lower then sask?
they must have short memories over at CBC. they are forgetting the riders lost to the stamps recently. and forgetting the riders recent loss to the als....

no wonder cbc doesnt get to host any games any more, how on earth can saskatchewan be number one or tied there is obviously an uneducated rider fan

They also have Edmonton ahead of BC. I don't care if Edmonton recently beat BC, after last night's game, they deserve to be last.

turkeybend must now work for CBC and be doing their rankings. Speaking of whom what happene to that outrageous bird???

I'm sure you know... :lol:

This gives me a great idea , my wife is really good at the crafts.

I think Turkey's rankings have been the best so far! :thup:

No prob, I totally agree.. these rankings are far better than what the site's are.. they are a total joke

I would also add that the first of the top 3 teams to lose to BC, Edm or Winnipeg, are going to drop...


Not a chance in hell! After last night's defeat, I'd rank the Renegades ahead the Esks.
I think the Eskimo loss was largely because of just how unevenly matched they were against Calgary just like how unevenly matched B.C. was against Sask. Yes, they did lose worse to Calgary in comparison but it's not like B.C. is some powerhouse team just waiting to skyrocket up... 6? I dunknow, because at this point given that both teams only have 1 win (AND that win each has is against each other) I wouldn't be so willing to discard one team as being crazy worse then the other just because of one loss.

Toronto should be ahead of the Riders considering they have beat Montreal and Calgary

Remember that the CBC uses some formula considering a number of criteria. Not a scientific study, but it does get people commenting on message boards, LOL!!

Do BC's QB's suck, or is the O line so porous that the QB doesn't have a chance to get set up? Not sure where I heard or read this, but of the 32 passes Jarious attempted, 28 of them he was harrassed (Hurried, hit or sacked). I don't think even Burris or Calvillo would be upright if that happened to them.

Wow.. I leave for a couple of years, and the CFL comes up with some sort of nonsensical power ratings system...
Thankfully fans know the real score...

What is Casey Printers' record as a starter since returning to the Lions?

So wait... the power rankings are based solely on a weighted formula of a team's QB rating, rushing yards, missed field goals and sacks conceeded?

What about overall scoring? Strength of the opposition? Wins and losses? I mean Saskatchewan is sitting pretty at 5-2 having beaten Montreal and played in last year's Grey Cup and they're 6th overall?