the REAL Power Rankings.

Calgary-only 1 defeat on the year. crushed the eskies. 4 game win streak.
Montreal - loss to the argos drops them 1 spot, but have a very recent win over the riders.
Saskatchewan- beat up on the toothless lions...pretty much a practice game.
Toronto - very convincing win over the Als. 3-0 at home. only team to have beaten the stamps, so far.
Hamilton- all 3 ticats wins are against winnipeg. challenges the argos for the higher spot in the rankings.
Winnipeg - the team called it a do-or-die game. they died.
BC - no printers, no chance....i feel i've said that before.
Edmonton - couldn't compete with a CIS team right now. the embarassing showing against the stamps dropped them 1 spot, but i'd drop them 100 spots if i could.

im sorry rider fans, but a lopsided win over the crappy lions doesnt move the riders higher than an als team that beat them last week.

Agree with your rankings 100%

Perfect rankings, the Argo's have finally justified being that high up, they've now beat 2 of the top teams, although the Stamps were on a short week when they lost to them.

The real dilemma is... who do you rank last, BC or Edmonton?

i had BC ranked lower last week, cuz the eskimos had just beaten them the week before. but the eskies get worse and worse, and are now a complete joke. whereas the lions actually still compete....the lions are a casey printers away from being decent again ( o-line could also use improvement ). the eskies have a whole different level of issues ( coaching, roster, passion ), as we saw tonite.


Switch B.C. and Edmonton and your reading matches my numbers rankings pretty spot on. And, yeah, you’re right. Saskatchewan will need to beat more then B.C. to challenge the Alouettes effectively. Maybe a couple wins against Toronto and taking Henry down a notch once or twice will certainly help though crosses fingers

1.1 - calgary
1.2 - sask
1.3 - montreal

3.5 - toronto

5.5 - hamilton

7.5 - winnipeg
7.9 - BC
8.0 - edmonton

I've got to agree with your opinion DG.
Good Job!

… fixed. :wink:


Not a chance in hell! After last night’s defeat, I’d rank the Renegades ahead the Esks.

Call me biased but Edmonton is worse. They've had their top QB in the whole time. This means the most skilled QB is in and there is far more consistancy. The Lions have cycled through 3.

The Lions have used 3 because all of your QBs suck. :lol:

Sorry Chief, what was that? I couldn't hear what you said over the sound of your defense giving up more points in 1 game than the Lions do in 2. be fair, the eskimo offense was responsible for 6 points...


Your defense is as bad as our O-line!


Hey now! Last night's game aside, our pass defence has been pretty good. It's out atrocious run defence. :?

…October 16th, the very moveable object meets the completely stoppable force…

It will be a game of massively lame proportions!