***the REAL Power Rankings week 20***

here's Sportsnet's always terrible PR's:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp?content=20051106_222306_5220]http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp ... 22306_5220[/url]

TSN's laughable PR's( lions #2?!?...lol ):


Power Rankings for week 20
#1 Calgary ( won 4 in a row- 7 of last 8- and layed a thumping on the team below )
#2 Edmonton ( took a thumping, but still a threat to go to the grey cup )
#3 Toronto ( Back-ups got beat by ottawa. had won 3 straight b4 loss )
#4 Montreal ( thier back-ups couldn't score a major against hamilton )
#5 Saskatchewan ( Beat BC, to have some momentum heading into playoffs, but only scored 1 major )
#6 BC ( 1 win in last 7 games...don't look like they'll make it past 1 playoff game )

#7 Hamilton ( beat Montreal's back-ups to finish the year on a high )
#8 Ottawa ( beat Toronto's back-ups )
#9 Winnipeg ( got beat 3 in a row, to finish a forgetable season. )


#1 Calgary vs #2 Edmonton in playoffs...winner stays #1 and loser drops to # 5 ( and outta the playoffs )

#4 Montreal vs #5 Saskatchewan in playoffs...winner moves up to #3 and loser drops to #6 ( and outta the playoffs )

Rankings don't mean squat starting next week. New season and may the best team win. Good luck to all in the playoffs.

power rankings are mearly a reflection of whose hot recently.....i think these rankings are a perfect reflection of whose hot going into the playoffs.

the last team standing in the power rankings will also be the grey cup champs...think about it.

#1 vs #2...one will be #1 next week, and one will be out and down to #5

I think these are valid going into the playoffs and i agree with them. But is it really necessary to do them during the playoffs, when almost anything can happen?

Took you awhile drummer but you finally got the Calgary ranking right.
Good on you, and next time save some face and listen to me earlier.


how bout u save some face, and cancel your internet...so we dont have to hear your garble anymore!

i always said, i'd rank them high when they beat a higher ranked opponent....they did tonite, so i ranked them as high as i could.

and i sayed, "What took you." LOL

i just updated my original post with sportnets drunken view of the PR's.

lol... Sportsnet review of Montreal's performance starts like this:

"Ted White never met a smoked meat sandwich he didn't like and still hasn't learned you're not supposed to pass the ball to the guys on the other team."

Thanks for the insight Lang.

But I guess that part was true so it's okay. The rest is where Lang shows again his inability. He says that Montreal should have no excuse for losing because Calvillo will start, and Ben Cahoon and Robert Edwards are healthy.

Duh. Since when were these guys a reason for our losses? Hello? All of our offense could be healthy as a newborn, if the defense gives out 50 points, being healthy ain't going to change anything.

i dont think Lang has any real method of pickin the rankings...he just spins a wheel with all the team logos on it.....first spin,......ARGOS. so they are number 1 this week.....spin number 2.......calgary....lol

I AGREE :wink: :smiley:

and i've updated my original post with TSN's rankings....how do they think the lions are #3 after going 1-6 in last 7 games?...and they just lost to sask...AGAIN...they should be lower than sask.

Actually, TSN had them in second... although I've always agreed more with the TSN dude, I really think the sportsnet guy has a little hamster in his head to spin his own wheel, and the hamster seems to have taken a break.

I don't understand why some of you guys take the rankings so seriously. As proven this season, any team can win at any time and obviously everyone has their own opinions and bias and will not always agree

a team that is 1-6 in the last 7 games is should NOT be ranked #2 by anyone.

I don't disagree, they should be #1. They still had a better record than anyone else in the league. LOL. Just messing with ya cause I don't really care.

u got to admit, tho....my 'REAL' rankings are consistantly more accurate than both TSN's and Sportsnets!

DG you must admit I have stayed out of this discussion since we had our disagreement but, How is your opinion more accurate than TSN's opinion

well....tsn had the lions ranked 2 last week ( which is laughable after the stinking they've done lately )....then after another LOSS to sask, they dont drop any spots at all????...and sask doesnt move up at all????

i just dont think they have any method of determining thier rankings.

But again,
Your its opinion against theirs and I dont think an opinion can be more or less accurate.
Thats all I will say, I am not looking to rehash our argument