***the REAL Power Rankings week 19***

Sportsnet's always inaccurate PR's:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp?content=20051030_214725_4844]http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp ... 14725_4844[/url]

TSN's inaccurate PR's:


The REAL Power Rankings week 19

#1 Edmonton ( won 3 in a row. Crucial win over Lions makes them favorites in the West )
#2 Toronto ( 3 wins in a row. clinched 1st in the East. Back in Playoff form )
#3 Calgary ( won 3 in a row, and are fighting for a home playoff game )
#4 Montreal ( responds from a BIG loss with a win. Killed Ottawa's playoff dreams )
#5 BC ( 1 win in last 6 games...don't look like they'll make it past 1 playoff game )
#6 Saskatchewan ( bye-week. lost 3 straight and have to cross-over )
#7 Ottawa ( are officially DONE this year. gave a solid effort against Montreal )
#8 Winnipeg ( got beat 3 in a row, to finish a forgetable season. )
#9 Hamilton ( got crushed against the Argos. will finish LAST in league )

#5 Lions vs #6 Saskatchewan play eachother this week for the higher power ranking, and for some momentum heading into the playoffs.
#1 edmonton vs #3 calgary for home field advantage in the playoffs

One change I would make is having Montreal above Calgary. I don't think Calgary is nearly as good as Montreal. Montreal has only lost 1 in their last 6 games, albeit they lost big, but still. And Mtl also beat Calgary pretty handily in week 16 albeit without Burris.

I would also put Winnipeg ahead of Ottawa. but maybe not. pretty close.

i've updated my original post with Sportsnet's PR, so people can compare if they want.

We've ;ost 1 in our last 7 Billy.

Thanks for showing us no respect again this week drummer. You'll
be forced to next week.

I agree with the power rankings this week. Edmonton is on a roll and looks like the team to beat (although Calgary will be a tough test the way they are playing).

Makes sense to me. I'd probably switch Hamilton and the Peg though... Bombers got beat worse than the Cats, and against the #3 team instead of the #2 team. Yeah the Cats will finish last.. but these are power rankings, not standings.

the ticats got beat way worst than the bombers...they put up a pathetic 11 points...2 were a safety given up by toronto ( even tho they coulda ran the ball out ).....and 7 were a late touchdown after the game was already in the bag.

hamiltons 11 points were charity.

toronto almost shut them out again.

and, eskylo....i don't know how u say i didnt give calgary respect?....they're in the number 3 spot....outta the 2 teams ahead of them, who should calgary be ranked higher than???.....the fact is, calgarys 3 game win streak are against hamilton, winnipeg and sask.
torontos 3 game win streak is against hamilton , winnipeg and montreal....

common teams are hamilton and winnipeg.....but montreal is better than sask. so toronto gets the higher spot for this week.

edmonton has beaten BC, sask and toronto....they are CLEARLY number one for now.

if calgary beats edmonton, they will move up in the ranks.

Hamilton also gave up less than Winnipeg though… 34-11 is a 23 point differential… 46-24 is a 22 point differential, and 7 of those were also a late touchdown with the game already in the bag… Calgary is considered an easier team than Toronto… so how do you give Winnipeg more credit?
Also, Hamilton just won last week against the Renegades… while Winnipeg has lost 3 straight when it mattered most.
If these two teams played today, I would bet on Hamilton… thus, I stand by what I said.

i guess its a matter of opinion.....but it doesnt really matter cuz those teams aint gonna win the grey cup anyways.

That we can agree on. :slight_smile:

Normally I don't care, but I have to agree with Billy Soup.
Montreal should be ahead of Calgary, having the same record and winning 6 of the last 7 and beating Calgary while doing it.

that win against calgary came against which calgary QB??......not Burris!

therefore, not really the same team which is on a 3 game win streak and ahead of montreal in the rankings....theres always next week....if calgary loses to the eskies and montreal wins against hamilton....( which they will ), then i have no problem moving montreal up 1 spot.

not really affecting my rankings, but i do remember a calgary vs montreal game WITH Burris in the line-up and calgary won.....so.

Montreal has won 5 of 6 not 6 of 7. And beating the Stamps with Wimprine is very different from beating them with Burris. They had a chance to prove they're the best (or at least 2nd best) in the league by beating TO (and I thought they would, too) but instead they imploded. Inconsistency cost them a couple spots.

Perfect Power Rankings, exactly how i'd rank the teams. Good job!

I can't argue with these RANKINGS. GOOD JOB!

i've now updated my original post with TSN's inaccurate rankings....
even when i give them the answers, they STILL don't get it right..haha

Billy Calgary has lost 1 game in seven that was to Montreal with a third string QB. What are you planning on replacing Suitor ha ha ha ha

I admit I didn't know that Calgary's record was 1 loss in the last 7. But other then this last win against Winnepeg they didn't look too spectacular to me.

well, by the end of this month, we'll know who this season's Champion will be.

Very exciting!!!

(sorry, I'm bored)

You do know Ottawa has been the worst team since Week 8, with only 1 win. Obviously they go last. I agree with Jim Lang and Sportsnet.