***the REAL Power Rankings week 18***

TSN's power rankings ( u may notice the mistakes on BC's record ):


REAL Power Rankings for week 18
#1 Edmonton ( won 2 in a row. Davis makes them favorites in the West )
#2 Toronto ( back-to-back wins.all but clinched 1st in the East with BIG win)
#3 Calgary ( Burris looked good in return to sask. and clinched 3rd )
#4 Montreal ( lost BAD infront of 50 000+ with 1st on the line )
#5 BC ( made an absolute statement. 1 win from clinching 1st in West )
#6 Saskatchewan ( lost 3 straight and have to hope to cross-over)
#7 Hamilton ( played spoiler and proved ottawa was a half-season-pony )
#8 Ottawa ( lost to a team they beat 2ice, with the playoffs on the line, AFTER a bye-week )
#9 Winnipeg ( got ripped apart 41-1 by the Lions. Bombers have given up for this year )


-hamilton has the best 2nd half of the teams ranked #7-9
-BC plays edmonton next week, so for BC to jump up, they need that game, which would clinch them 1st in west....and i can't place them higher than the Als so soon after the loss from last week....im taking a wait-til-next-week approach with the LIONS.

As per usual your rankings suck. Keep up the perfect
record. LOL

Maybe i just dont understand these things, but BC's in first,
killed Winnipeg, and you rank them 5th.

Saskatchewan won 5 in a row, lose a tough battle, and now
theyre 6th.

Whys Montreal still in 4th?? Did they not lose by 26 pts at home?

How did Edmonton garner 1st without playing??

As much as I hate to admit it, the rankings are right. We don’t even have top spot of the rankings anymore. :frowning:

You never should have.

I would put Calgary 5th and move Montreal and B.C. up accordingly. Calgary has played alright but they were aided by 7 turnovers by the Riders. There offence also didn't score a touchdown. Saskatchewan in sixth is definitely correct.

He's right, Burris and Reynolds didn't do sh*t.

What game did you watch??

The one where the Stamps had no offensive TDs. You think you can beat BC or Edmonton without a TD from your offense? The Riders won't be there to turn you the ball 7 times.

Why not? Ray hasn't thrown a TD in three games now.....they're doing okay.....as long as your strengths match the other team's weaknesses, you'll usually do all right.....

Unreal is right, when you have no offensive td's you aren't going to beat many teams especially the top 4, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, & BC.

I agree with your rankings, except for one change. I think that BC should be placed one spot up on montreal.

Power rankings mean squat. The only thing that matters is winning. Going into the playoffs, every team is ranked #1 until they lose. Last team standing wins.

I think he's wrong. Difference of opinion. We moved the ball well,
and as per usual our D was very good.

Special teams were solid. Its a team game, and i give you credit, u
have an awesome D also.

Calgary's D did play outstanding and did make plays in the second half, but I think they were aided by costly mistakes by the Riders, including dropped passes, two French fumbles, and McCallum's dumb decision.

You did move the ball well (as you should against our defence which was on the field all of the second half) but you couldn't put the ball in the endzone. A better team than Saskatchewan would have capatilized on this.

Theres alot to be said about winning the battle of field position.

I'll never understand why we do the qb sneak on the 1 when youve
got a stud like Reynolds in the backfield.

I agree with you there eskylo. Burris has a tendancy (at least he did when he was with the Riders) to fumble the snap on short yardage situations. I would give the ball to Reynolds too.

Burrato's been calling that silly play all yr. All we need is for Burris
to bugger up his thumb and were done.

Its a brain dead call by oldtime offensive coordinators. Spread out the D,
and run it like usual. DUH!

I agree that BC should be ranked ahead of Montreal and Calgary. The problem with power ratings is that they tend to be subjective and irrelevant. Actual standings are what really count because of real playoff implications. If Toronto 2004 is any indication, a team can play mediocre in 2nd half of season and still go on to win the Grey cup.

Power rankings are suppose to be subjective, they are an opinion meant to generate discussion. They are based on which team is playing well and which teams are not. Standings are not based on opinion but based on fact and generate no discussion.

So how did Edmonton move up? They didnt play.