***the REAL Power Rankings week 17***

Amazing games this past weekend!!!!!....
HERE are Sportsnets PR's:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp?content=20051018_233040_5532]http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp ... 33040_5532[/url]

and here are TSN's PR's:


Power Rankings week 17:
#1 Montreal ( won 5 of last 6 and is tied atop the East )
#2 Edmonton (won 2 in a row. Davis makes them favorites in the West)
#3 Saskatchewan ( won 5 of last 7. Looked good, even in losses )
#4 Toronto ( can't put 2 wins together. Defence is terrible, but got a W )
#5 BC ( lost 4 straight, and might not finish first in West )
#6 Calgary ( Burris looked good in return. real test against sask. )
#7 Winnipeg ( beat BC then hung tough against the Champs )
#8 Ottawa ( 2 wins outta the playoffs. NEED a win in Hamilton )
#9 Hamilton ( most loses in the league and least wins )


( i can't put toronto ahead of sask, when they lost to them last meeting, and sask has played SO well, even in defeat. Especially when the argos are struggling against winnipeg )

#1 Montreal vs #4 Toronto for 1st in the East. Winner gets the Higher spot on my rankings next week.

#3 Saskatchewan vs # 6 Calgary for 3rd in West. Winner gets the higher spot on my Power Rankings next week.

Montreal is tied atop the east, not atop

Toronto , 4th?........NO , we are tied for 1ST!!!!!!!!! , in the EAST.........

I guess the ARGOS WILL move to # 1 , IF , they beat MONTREAL @ home next week?????????

Montreal is in first place atop the east.

Good power rankings again drumming_god!


I just laugh how you put the "real" in front of this post, and all those "official" in front of those other ones. Who made you King the authority on everything.

But I would agree with the rankings. 8)

Well he sure beats TSN's or sportsnet's rankings.

sportsnets rankings are funy

NO THEY ARE NOT..........the season series is tied :roll:

CHECK THE REAL STANDINGS!!!!!!!!!! :arrow:

sorry hellothere...team biases have no place in power rankings....the argos haven't won 2 in a row since SEPT 5TH!!!!...they haven't won 3 in a row ALL YEAR!!!!

i agree with ur power rankings

HAVE THEY LOST 2 IN A ROW???????????????????? That is a little important , don't you think?

I will go WITH the PROS , not wannabees! :wink:

Why not answer my ???????? If the ARGOS beat Montreal , shouldn't TORONTO be first , at least in the EAST?

YOUR RANKINGS are important.............. HOW?

if they're not important, then y are u so upset?
i doubt any of the "PROS" will have the argos placed any higher than 3rd.

i didn't know u were askin a question....i thought u were just sayin your NOT upset cuz when the argos beat montreal they will be higher than 4th.

if they beat montreal, i will have them ranked atleast third....depending on the outcome of the sask/ calgary game.....cuz edmonton has a bye-week, so they will be higher than the argos NO MATTER what happens in montreal next week....and if sask beats calgary, then THEY TOO will be higher than the argos....so i'd have #1 edmonton,#2 sask #3argos etc....but if calgary wins, then its #1 edmonton #2 argos etc.

does that sit well with u?...just hope toronto wins!

( oh, and if u go by standings....they're STILL in 3rd/4th. behind BC, Edmonton and tied with montreal )

Well , accoring to the CFL's OFFICAL STANDINGS : The CFL has the ARGOS are tied for first in the EAST, with MONTREAL.

And your ratings are not bised?.........OH , PLEASE?

Have you factored in who has had the harder sched , NO ........... :wink:

I am still waiting for your answer........YOU SEEN TO PLACE ALLOT OF MEANING on GAMES WON IN A ROW.....How about games lost , in a row?

Just asking?


And , I am not upset........ I am just asking YOU , 3 ??????????

How are YOUR rankings , important? :smiley:

Do you count games lost , in a ROW? :smiley: And if not , WHY NOT? :wink:

your the ONLY one who disagrees with them....who would u place the argos higher than in my rankings?????

how is it something to be proud of when they havent lost 2 in a row, when they are rebounding from a loss they shouldnt have lost in the first place?

loss to the ticats SHOULDNT have happened....same goes for the loss to sask.....both times, they rebounded against weak teams....WHOOPDY DO

if u had it your way, the arogs could go 0-18 and still be 1st in PR's

I also agree with these rankings.

To people who don't understand power rankings, they are baesed on what the team has done lately, NOT what a team has done all year, the standings are for that.

For example,

IF a team wins their first 12 games they would be atop of the standings and atop the power rankings, BUT if they lose their next 6 games they could still be on top in the standings at 12-6 BUT no one would put them at the top of the power rankings. Currently Montreal is the hottest team in the CFL even though they don't have the best record hence being #1 in the power rankings. Same thing with Edmonton and that is why they are #2.

So other teams are allowed to lose but the ARGOS are not.......didn't EDMONTON , get hammered by Hamilton?.........didn't SASK......... just lose their last game?............ :lol:

Hey , the ARGOS just won their last game. :roll:


If you don't agree with his power rankings hellothere, why don't you give us your power rankings and why each team should be where they are.

Because the only standings that count are the standings in the CFL OFFICAL standings. :wink: :smiley:

The rest are JUST OPINION and guesses :smiley: