the REAL Power Rankings***week 16

I thought i'd start by posting sportsnets PR's ( how are the Als lower than Sask, after they won? ):

[url=] ... 04949_5388[/url]

and TSN's PR's are (the eskimos are #1?? they havent put 2 wins together in a long time. 2-3 in last 5 ) :

and now, the REAL Power Rankings for week 16:

#1 Montreal ( won 4 of last 5 for a share of 1st in East )
#2 Saskatchwan ( won 5 of last 6... loss to Als was tighter than tight )
#3 Edmonton ( didn't look good against the Argos, but got the W )
#4 B.C. ( mid-season freefall... game against the Als won't help )
#5 Toronto ( can't put 2 wins together... don't look like champions )
#6 Calgary ( had bye-week, but still 1 win outta western 3rd spot )
#7 Winnipeg ( messed up the Lions, but NO chance at playoffs )
#8 Ottawa ( win against Ti-Cats moves them 1 win outta playoffs )
#9 Hamilton ( couldn't follow up on momentum )


  • any disagreement between #2 and #3 will be resolved this saturday!
  • BC vs Montreal on sunday will show who is FOR REAL!
  • funny how i was the first to post PR's along with posting TSN's and Sportsnet's, and people slagged them others have copied me. PR's mean more as the season progresses!

Jim Lang's rankings are more accurate. Montreal should definitely be above Sask.

rankings mean nothing.

My ratings say:

1 - Montreal - Big victory in a hard place to win
2- Edmonton - A ground means improvement, home playoff game on tap
3- Saskatchewan - Home playoff game on the line this weekend
4- BC - When DD is back the Leos will roar again
5- Toronto - Strong team. needs more run defense
6- Calgary - Bye week. no change
7- Winnipeg - Stegall is the best slot back ever. Sorry Pitts fans
8- Ottawa - Still in the playoff hunt
9- Hamilton - Building for next year.

I like drumming_god's rankings better than my own. :smiley:

VERY GOOD!!!!!!!

TSN's still aren't up, theirs are always interesting to see because they are always dead wrong even worse than sportsnet.

I agree with hellothere
They are meaningless

Yeah but for us who haven't ever seen our team win the GC the rankings are all we got, why do you have to ruin our happiness? :frowning:

I guess those power rankings will be imprtant to you for many years to come!

As long as the Riders are at the top.

Wins and loses are the only stats that matter!

Drumming_god, I do disagree with the #2,3... but i guess your right, winner takes it this weekend. I'm so pumped for that game! :slight_smile:

i've updated my original post by adding TSN's inaccurate PR's, for those who are interested.

You all make good points, but all i'm hearing is: "Oh please Mr. Montreal Alouettes, don't hurt me". :oops:

A while back (a few weeks) I posted my rankings, which went like this:

  1. Montreal Alouettes
  2. Some other team
  3. Nobody cares
  4. Etc...

Seems I was bang on! :twisted: