**the REAL Power Rankings after week 8**

Power Rankings after week 8

#1 Montreal - still unbeaten. 9-0 including pre-season. played solid in all aspects of the game against T.O. edwards is a machine.
#2 BC - 3 straight wins. the running game has really provided a balanced offence for the lions, keeping opposing D's guessing.
#3 Winnipeg - no stegall. no glenn. no chance.
#4 Calgary - finally scored some TDs despite numerous dropped balls and INTs. 1-3 in last 4, still not playing to thier potential.
#5 Saskatchewan - the 'lose one, win one, lose one' trend continued. KJ looked shakey since the big hit in the 1st QTR.
#6 Edmonton - 3 losses in a row. no pulse at all. somethings gotta give.
#7 Hamilton - the ticats played with a deperation and intensity they haven't played with, and got a well earned win
#8 Toronto - offence has been terrible for 2 weeks in a row. too many injuries and no effort.

note: #2 BC vs #3 Winnipeg for the higher ranking and #7 Hamilton vs #8 Toronto for the higher ranking.

i agree with these..good job drummer

I'd switch Edmonton and Hamilton right now, but other than that, good job rating the teams!

Very interesting games coming up.

  • BC vs. PEG will settle the #2 spot. :thup:
  • Montreal will remain #1 even if they lose. :cowboy:
  • Hamilton vs. Toronto will put one of the two in a very deep hole. :roll:

IMO, after BC and Montreal, none of the other six look like a #3 team to me. Winnipeg still hasnt beat a team with more than 2 wins. The best Calgary has beaten is SASK.

If power rankings are supposed to be snapshot of how good they are right now, then with winnipeg injuries, unless everyone returns next game, they have to be lower.

too bad both starting QBs and stegall might miss the BC vs Winnipeg game this week.....woulda loved to see both teams go at it healthy.

....Quinn will start for the Bombers....realy an unknown commodity........Pierce for the leos..... looked pretty good...i don't like our chances especially with Milt out...UNLESS our 'd, plays flawless ball we could be in for a long night...hardly a scenario you would like to see for a battle for 2nd....but i.m sure the Bombers will be up for this one....and they better be... :roll:

I'd switch Calgary and the Peg. With Glenn out the Bombers looked lost.

And 514mtl - Montreal could drop to #2 if BC looks dominant (again) and they (Montreal) lose and/or lose a player at the same time.

but the thing is...calgary WITH burris look lost.

1-3 in thier last 4 is not convincing me to put them higher than 4th spot right now....plus a probable loss to the Als doesnt help.

wait till u guys see winnipeg with Quinn before u all right them off. he was in for releif against edmonton and looked great. completing 7 of 10 and a td pass. he looked great all throughout training camp to.

Last time I saw him he wasn't terrific. And if looking lost produces a 23-7 victory, I hope the Stamps look lost for the rest of the season.
Also, you can't base THIS weeks power rankings on NEXT weeks "probable" results.

Sound like a Leaf fan planning the parade already because they'll "probably" win this year.

....Calgary will get tested by Montreal....right now i don't think they've got enough to beat the ALS...but we'll find out in the next games between these two...the way each qb. is playing right now .. i would definitely give the edge to Calvillo...over smilin' Hank... :wink:

burris threw HOW MANY INTs?....how many dropped balls were there against the riders?
they are not sharp right now.

im ranking the stamps #4 because they are 1-3 in thier last 4 games...not because they will probably lose to the Als.

if the stamps win this week, they will go up, but u seem to want them ranked higher just because they're your fav. team....they need to earn the higher spot, and losing 3 in a row to the ticats, lions, and riders didnt help them.

Good post DG

Honestly, if Montreal loses to Calgary, they'll be 7-1, and that loss will be seen as a temporary fluke. :oops:

While even with a win, BC would only be 6-3. :wink:

For that reason, I don't see how Montreal could lose its #1 spot, whatever happens this week. :cowboy:

If Calvillo gets injured, maybe, but Dickenson would have to be healthy, which doesn't seems to be the case. :stuck_out_tongue:

514 - All I was saying is it's possible. Not likely. Just possible.

DG - I know that didn't help them, but aside from the Lions and Als no one has been dominant or consistent. I can't believe that you think a Bomber team missing Stegall and Glenn that just lost to Hamilton rather badly would come out on top of a game against Calgary right now.. how would they score points? Even if we did throw a couple INTS and drop a few passes, would it matter if the other team can't score at all? The game against the Riders proves the answer to that is no. But hey, we've all got our own opinions, I guess you just don't think I should be entitled to one.