**the REAL Power Rankings after week 7**

Power Rankings for after week 7

#1 Montreal - still unbeaten. 8-0 including pre-season. they win a different way every game.
#2 Winnipeg - the amazing Defence didnt allow a single point against the cats.
#3 BC - sole possession of first in the west after the beatdown of the boatmen.
#4 Saskatchewan - the 'lose one, win one' trend continued. defence showed intensity against the stamps, and KJ looked sharp.
#5 Edmonton - beaten infront of their home crowd again. couldnt get anything going.
#6 Calgary - 3 losses in a row. thier dropped balls and inability to score majors have become a big problem.
#7 Toronto - damon allens return couldnt provide the team with any offencive spark. defence played well, tho.
#8 Hamilton - couldnt score a single point...is this team ever going to get it going?

Couldn't agree anymore.

i wonder if TSN and sportsnet are gonna keep dismissing winnipeg by ranking them under the lions again?

well BC did win again to 8)

....that looks pretty fair dg, good analysis.....

DG good job any chance we could replace you with that idiot Suitor! Just when I thought Walby was the dumbest human being on earth Suitor shows up and proves me wrong! Go figure!

Upset of Chris Walby?!? Why? Because Walby was a Bomber player in the past? Poor, red... :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Absolutely not I could careless if he was a bomber or not! The guy is a moron! And up until last night he was up staged by Suitor. :lol:

Maybe you should go apply to CBC if you think Chris Walby is a moron. They might hire ya!

The fact is I am not the only one that thinks he is a moron. The guy was an Olineman and most of them are not the sharpest tool on the work bench. He proves that! :lol: Whereas Suitor he must have fell on his head one to many times. That was the worst display of commetating I have seen for a football game the worst!

Which game are you even talking about? Suitor did the game on Friday with the Bombers & Cats, and Walby didn't do a game yesterday.

Actually Walby hasn't done a game in 2 weeks now. Not since he complained bout the refs and George Black called


Does anyone know what happened to him?

DG, your power rankings have been the most accurate IMO, week to week. Keep up the great work, and you might find a job at TSN. :lol:


I don't know if you'll have an easier time doing power rankings, imo the teams just kind of fell into place after this week.

As long as Montreal is on top, like Metallica would say: "Nothing else matters". :rockin:

haha..metallica is awesome.

i still think walby has the edge over suitor...

tuff to say between CAL and EDM.
i'd say it's a tie for 6th imo.
good work DG!