**the REAL Power Rankings after week 6**

Power Rankings for after week 6

#1 Montreal - leagues only unbeaten team. including pre-season, are 7-0
#2 Winnipeg - all doubts and worries were put to rest with another win against the champs.
#3 BC - beat the division leading stamps to climb outta the western basement. still a threat in the west.
#4 Edmonton - victory slipped through thier fingers on a last second play. fought hard against the leagues number 2 team.
#5 Calgary - thier sloppy play and inability to score majors cost them the game. a very inconsistant team.
#6 Saskatchewan - showed very little effort in the first half. another inconsistant western team.
#7 Toronto - somehow manages a win on the road despite a list of injuries. QB a big question for next week.
#7 Hamilton - played the top team to the very end. starting to find thier stride. big test against the bombers next week.

note: sask vs calgary rematch for the higher ranking next week.

Nice rankings, I'd have to agree with them.

The bottom 4 teams have been just so bad lately, Id be tempted to put Hamilton 7th and Calgary 8th.

Not that they mean anything but that is a good job DG!

Id have to agree DG, nice rankings

Yea I generally agree ..I would add however that the Stamps are a team that concern me. I think they are potential and very very good team. I think that we will see how well the coaching staff does its job in the next few weeks to plug the holes.

My gut tells me that BC and Calgary are way better than what they have shown and are in likely hood better the Montreal given time.

Edm I thought was OK a couple of weeks ago but quite frankly they look a bit lost to me. They never should have lost that one to the BB`s given th short rest and Oline woes.

The BBs are fearless it appears but still have an oline that might have faired much worse against any other team in the league other than EDM. I predict a split with hamilton unless they can rebuild the oline in a hurry. Sask is Danny Barrets problem ...good talent , ineffectual coach ...no fire . hamilton is getting better by the week and look for them to give the Bs oline all they can handle.

Toronto needs and oline and more games against Sask but they have a solid D ands with some tinkering on the offensive line they will be better. There are no bad teams in the league which is really nice all in all

nice rankings.....bombers cant afford to let there enxt game slip away against hamilton...

The Winnipeg Hamilton back to back series is going to be awsome. I predict 1-1 outcome if Hamilton wins at home. If Winnipeg wins in Hamilton I predict a 2-0 for Winnipeg.

Yeah Id say that too. But after watching them go 0-3 I thought this would be a definite back to back wins for us. Now the hard part is to wait until friday...

Pokeys, can you believe you could get as many wins as last year in about one third of a season?

You go get them Cats !

Hehe didnt think it was possible looking at the first six games of the season but I knew we would have a better team. You gotta love it if your a bomber fan :slight_smile:.

very close this week, but here goes.

  1. Montreal
  2. BC
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto
  5. Hamilton
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Calgary
  8. Edmonton

not bad kid, you got 7 and 8 right.

but that's only for this week, you want the whole season thus far, see Dgods.

I'd call the whole season like this.

  1. Montreal
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Calgary
  4. BC
  5. Hamilton
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Toronto
  8. Edmonton

so by the season, you mean their final ranking based on their won loss record, you might want to rethink #5, hamilton would have to go 8 - 4 down the stretch just to get to 9 - 9, seems like a stretch, and do you really think the bombers will finish with the second best record in the league.

at this moment, at this time? yes I do.

I think the power rankings are suppose to rank how the teams are now, and will be next week, and/or if the playoffs started now, this is how they would look.

  1. Montreal - how can you argue
  2. BC- trouncing of Calgary gives them the nod.
  3. Saskatchewan- Toronto scored on two plays - punt and long bomb - otherwise riders outplayed them
  4. Calgary- are better than they looked against Leos.
  5. Edmonton- are better than they looked against Winnipeg
  6. Winnipeg- would beat Toronto or Hamilton.
  7. Hamilton - would beat Toronto now.
  8. Toronto- defense and a kicker cannot hide the offense forever!

The power rankings are a poop shoot after 3rd place. Seriously I could slot in any of those 5 teams as the 8th place team and have a valid reason.

sportsnets jim lang almost copied mine exactly:

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/power_rankings06.php]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/p ... ings06.php[/url]

well the ti-cats dont have to play monreal anymore, so thats 3 more games they have a realistic chance of winning :lol: