**the REAL Power Rankings after week 5**

Power Rankings for after week 5

#1 Montreal - leagues only unbeaten team. including pre-season, are 6-0
#2 Winnipeg - o-line was injured early, and that affected the offence the rest of the game
#3 Calgary - thier sloppy play and costly penatlies beat themselves. can't play like that if they are to be contenders.
#4 Edmonton - bye-week keeps them steady at the 4th spot
#5 Saskatchewan - when the defence shows up, they are a very good team. KJ's offence looked good 2 games in a row
#6 BC - lost 2 in a row. they think they are too good, and its hurting them. they never play 2 good halves of football.
#7 Toronto - Damon Allen and mike fletcher are back next game. could this be the start of the argos turn around?
#8 Hamilton - played poorly all game, but win with a last second FG. new kicker may spell the end of borehams days. unfortunatly for the tabbies, montreal is next.

note: Edmonton has a big test this week against Winnipeg....key game for both teams.

1. Montreal - only undefeated team
2. Calgary - played a very sloppy game last week, but almost managed to win.
3. Edmonton - bye week. Looking good for next week vs. a tired and injured bomber team, playing at commonwealth.
4. Winnipeg - allowed 3 passing TD’s and 2 rushing TD’s their past game, defence isn’t as strong as some people thought. Kevin Glenn wasn’t all that impressive.
5. Saskatchewan- handled BC at home. Joseph and Armstead are being utilized well together.
6. BC- DD has shown that he is not always a god at qb. Very inconsistent in terms of effort and performance.
7. Toronto- Damon Allen could be back next week, but playing saskatchewan at home could be a problem. He may need some time to warm his arm up in game time as well as getting on the same page as receivers.
8. Hamilton- congrat’s ticats on the first win. Playing Montreal at home will be a very big challenge next week.

what to look for in the coming weeks IMO:

  • BC to maintain their spot at the bottom of the west, becoming the bottom feeder.
  • Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Calgary to continually battle for the top 3 spots in the west, changing week by week. Divisional games against rivals become very important.
  • Montreal to maintain top spot in the east.
  • Toronto to challenge and possibly take winnipeg for 2nd
  • Hamilton to stay at the bottom, at least for a few more weeks, unless their team runs on all cylinders, if it ever does.

This is probably the hardest week yet to do the rankings. Every team other then Montreal has a but beside them. Calgary looks good BUT losing to Hamilton? Winnipeg looked good But now don't know if they're the bobmbers of old or if they're for real. I think next week should help a lot more ie:Winnipeg vs Edmonton I'm interested in

it was pretty much the same as last weeks, cuz there were only 3 games.

the only things that really happened were :

  • sask switched spots with BC with the win
  • calgary handed a win to hamilton and fell one spot
  • and winnipeg lost to the top team ( after numerous injuries to the o-line ), which is hardly going to drop them down the list.

next week there might be more of a shake up in the rankings.

Week 5 only

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. BC
  5. Winnipeg
  6. Calgary

TSN's power rankings http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/?fid=547


i dont really understand how TSN can put BC ahead of edmonton or winnipeg?

winnipeg has been more consistant and has a better record, and edmonton has recently beaten BC.

i think TSN might have a crush on the lions, since they always put them higher then they deserve.

didn't BC lose to saskatchewan in a really really ugly game where DD threw away a couple balls and got sacked hard a couple times?!?!!?!?! if these are cummuliative(sp?) then the bombers should be in 2nd or 3rd, since they're one of the most powerful teams. TSN just makes no sense

First off power rankings are a personal opinion. Who cares? :lol:

Gee, everybody has at least two losses except Montreal who has none. :cowboy:

However, I have to say that at the end of the season, the top 3 spots will be Montreal, Edmonton and BC, as always.

I doubt very much that the CFL changed enough to have Calgary, Saskatchewan or Winnipeg as contenders. :wink:

I know its only opinions, but I don't understand TSN ranking BC so high when they do a tail spin in the second halves of every game this year.

The undercurrent tells me that the Wpg Blue Bombers are far better than we think.


how can u rank sask b4 calgary, yogi?...r u forgeting the beating calgary laid on the riders a little while ago?

What I don't get is in the Wendy's fantasy thing they have power rankings. And last week, Edmonton beat BC and moved to #4 (from 5 I think). Fair enough. But, how did they move into #2 after not playing. It makes no sense. Moral of the story.... Power rankings don't matter and are usually based more on bias than objective opinion. Hence Sask ahead of Calgary in Yogi's post.

Go Riders!!

dr flies...how many times must I stoop to your level of insignificant brain power and teach you that the Mighty Edmonton Eskimos can be tops of any power ranking chart based on their pure athletic ability while standing still. Your infantile grasp of ranking teams is only made more embarrassing by your inability to recognize the shear power and might of the Eskimos when they are not even playing! Let me put this in a manner which your small pea brain can perhaps understand, let's say the western division teams were cars in your garage and you had an orange 1980 K car, a red 1991 Hyundai, a green AMC Gremlin and a yellow 2006 Ferrari, which would you choose? While YOUR erectile dysfunctional loser driven brain would be drooling at that gremlin anyone would know that the RIGHT car is the Mighty Edmotnon Eskimo Ferrari....wait....not....yet....I'm not.....finished.....AAAAYAYAYAAAA....

....holy crap, I was possessed by a demonic presence there for a second, did anyone else see that?!....

…Warner??..that you???

Dr. Rise wrote:

But, how did they move into #2 after not playing.
And now you know why wise politicians just try and shut up and say nothing on controversial topics, best way to win an election and rise (no pun intended) to the top, just do or say nothing.