**the REAL Power Rankings after week 4**

Power Rankings for after week 4

#1 Montreal - leagues only unbeaten team. including pre-season, are 5-0
#2 Calgary - finally dominated like we thought they would. best kicker in the league.
#2 Winnipeg - have won 3 in a row. Kevin Glenn looked real good, and defence won't be burned by the run.
#4 Edmonton - Montford gave the team the shot in the arm they needed.
#5 BC - can't win 2 in a row. edmonton seems to have thier number.
#6 Saskatchewan - offence finally had great game, but defence has been torched 2 of 3 games.
#7 Toronto - Allen's back next game, but with such a bad o-line, could be hurt again.
#8 Hamilton - STILL leagues only winless team with leagues worst kicker

note: Winnipeg vs Montreal next week in battle for top spot. BC vs Sask in battle for the higher spot.

esk123's Power Rankings after Week 4

  1. Montreal- only unbeaten team, defence is playing very well, offence still has to catch up.

  2. Winnipeg- 3 wins in a row, defense is playing very well, and is arguably the best in the league.

  3. Calgary- offensively talented, and has proven that they can put lots of points up on the board. De'Angelis was already the deciding factor in 1 game, and will be for more if he keeps it up. Their first 2 wins were very sketchy.

  4. Edmonton- rebounded very well after a bad loss to a passing-talented BC team, but was able to shut them down at home(thanks to a solid week of practice and the veteran presence of Montford IMO). Offence moving ball well, but had trouble in their first 3 games putting points up. Running games showing signs of actually existing.

  5. BC- secondary played poor. 2 losses in a row. Injuries to receivers may be becoming a factor, and DD is starting to get hit pretty hard.

  6. Toronto- essentially non-existent running game, keeping Williams could actually be hurting the team when a talented and CFL knowledgeable Jeff Johnson is on your team. Wynn hasn't moved ball well or played impresively until last game, where he moved the ball decently against winnipeg's d. Return of Allen will help spark the offense immensely, that is, if he doesn't get injured again.

  7. Saskatchewan- Offence can move the ball well at times. KJ usually does a good job of knowing when to scramble, and help move the yardsticks. However, putting the team in a hole early on, and averaging 41 points against per game are killing this team's chances of competing for top spot in the west.

  8. Hamilton- only winless team this year. Has come close or at least made a solid effort to win a few games now. Boreham is hurting the team's point production. Maas's INT's(some as a result of the receivers) are hurting the team as well- some rumours indicate Eaking could be given a chance to start if Maas continues to struggle. This week is either make or break their season. If they lose their next game, they could be looking at '07 already, and massive changes could be made both on and off the field!

I agree with DG's... finally saw what the Calgary O is capable of.. three games against the Riders in the next five weeks? I like the sounds of that. :twisted:

Week 4 only

  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Edmonton
  5. BC
  6. Hamilton
  7. Toronto
  8. Saskatchewan

I like your standings too KK.. but I'm biased.

  1. Montreal
  2. Calgary
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Edmonton
  5. B.C
  6. Toronto
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Hamilton


Montreal really hasn't been all that impressive. Squeaked one out against the Bombers, then beat Hamilton twice.

  1. Calgary and Winnipeg are close, but I have to give it to the Stamps due to their kicking game.

  2. Winnipeg

  3. Montreal, and after next week, they will drop farther.

4 - 8. I don't care.

I'm not so sure of that, he and prefontain have both only missed one feild goal, the difference- Pre was playing hurt

De'Angelis is like 15 for 16 or something, and had a 53 yarder yesterday, i think it's safe to say he's the best. prefontaine is a close second though.

I tght Boreham was the best kicker. LOL

Italy , like the Riders are doing, looked lousy early just prior to the World Cup and in the early rounds--- then came flying through the playoff rounds to WIN.

Look for the Green and White to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Will Rule
Esks Drool!
Momma Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pre is 10 of 11 they both have a long of 52 and prefontain missed his while playing injured. It's too early to say who's playign better

  1. Winnipeg- They have been the suprise of 06. They have been the best team after four weeks.

  2. Montreal- A squeeker vs the Tabbies, and a underacheiving offence, drops the Al's to # 2.

  3. Calgary- Well we got a look at that offence the Stamps have been smack talking about since early june. Now we need to see all three phases of the team to start working.

  4. BC- They need to be better, or they will keep falling.

  5. Edmonton- Give them credit, They know if they need a win, play at home and sabatoge the turf. bumps them up though.

  6. Sask- only because there are two teams worse then them. So Far...

  7. Toronto- will play better O when Allen returns, but need more then just him to get back in gear.

  8. Hamilton- Welcome back Ron.. It will be a long season.

Blah, blah, blah...

Drummer_God's better at these things.

Well, if WPG beats Mont on SAturday it's a toss up between CGy & WPG for #1.
This city has not been this pumped for a game in awhile :thup:

the winnipeg sun is reporting that 21,000 tickets have been sold for saturdays game....which is ahead of a normal games pace.

What are power rankings guy's? seriously!

I thought it ranks teams by current standings and how the teams perform week by week on all three phases of the game.

If I'm right, then my rankings should be very acurate.
How can anyone say that Calgary should be ranked higher then Winnipeg. I mean sure they blew out a 1-2 Rider team, but so did BC. They also gave up 36 points against the Riders and have allowed more points against then Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal.

The reason I have Winnipeg over Montreal is because of the one extra game it it happened to be a huge blow-out vs the Defending Grey Cup Champs. They have also got Two win's VS a stingy defence in Toronto also a division rival.

......personally I think Power Rankings are dumb, especially when you are comparing teams that haven't played each other, but to answer your question....sure we gave up 36 points against the riders, 17 of which were int he fourth quarter when the game was totally out of reach for the men in green....you also commented that Calgary doens't have three phases clicking right now which isn't correct....two of you wins came againsts a Allen-less Argo squad which isn't the same as say playing Edmonton....personal opinion I would rank the Bombers and Stamps even right now, but behind Montreal who haven't suffered a loss.....you surely can't place your BBs in front of Montreal, you lost to them....and I can't place my team in front of them either because I don't thnk we could beat them right now, maybe later this season, say in Winnipeg, in November.....

Yeah, power rankings are mostly based on how teams do from a week to another, but previous achievements can't be held out. You have to evluate the tendency from a week to another. See if the team builds on something, if it fades out or if it is plainly inconsistent.

Let's say Hamilton blows out Calgary this week. Should it be ranked first next week? No. It would probably start getting up in the rankings but would obviously stay in the bottom three, because that game could only be a fluke, and consistency would still to be proven. As it would win more game, it would make it's way up. But first rank isn't up for grab to anybody.

Sure Winnipeg got going. But they started with low expectations, lost the season opener to the Als and then barely beat Toronto back-up QB. So up to week three, Winnipeg was far from looking like the top dog. Last two weeks showed the Bombers like true contenders, so they made their way up. But they can't jump all the way to first spot for having two strong weeks.

Of course, should they beat the only unbeaten team this week, I could see them get there for not only would they go up, but Montreal would have to go down.