**the REAL Power Rankings after week 3**

Power Rankings for after week 3

#1 Montreal - leagues only unbeaten team
#2 BC - DD is able to cut up defences at will.
#3 Winnipeg - offence finally played as good as thier defence. haven't given up a TD pass yet
#4 Calgary - winning close games, but haven't dominated like we thought they would
#5 Saskatchewan - defence is amazing...waiting for O to catch up
#6 Edmonton - was in the redzone 3 times, and walked away with only 3 points
#7 Toronto - played a brutal 1st half, and couldnt make the comeback
#8 Hamilton - leagues only winless team with leagues worst kicker...things only get worse with montreal, calgary then montreal again.

note: #4 calgary plays #5 sask. this week, so the winner gets the higher ranking next week.


Your rankings seem reasonable. Based on current form, Montreal, BC and Winnipeg appear to be the toughest. Whereas, Hamilton, Toronto and Edmonton are most vulnerable at this time. Calgary and Saskatchewan in the middle. No doubt rankings will continue to change from week to week.

.....a pretty reasonable assessment DG......

Hard to argue those rankings

....now i'll jump on board with your comments about Hebert sambo....this guy better bring something to the Bombers...because really ...i don't think we should mess with a good thing...if he can out-play someone on the d ...then bring it...if he can't ..well ...just too many unknowns here... :roll:we have to be careful how we handle this situation...

haha...that pic is my current wallpaper...sir charles is 'the MAN'

I really cant figure out why you signed him at all , papa. The Bomber D looks to have improved dramatically, so why even bother with Hebert? I would have let him sit and stew for the year, or just cut him outright.

won't hebert replace that number 0 guy, who was playin like crap against mitchell?

That seems like a mis-match. Having ANY LB covering a receiver seems like a mis-match.

Where are the defensive halfbacks?

Good rankings, I'd have to agree with them.

Correct rankings should be:

  1. Montreal - unbeaten but not invincible by any means
  2. Saskatchewan- 'O' ready to fly - 'D' very good.
  3. Winnipeg- imagine if they had a premier QB
  4. Calgary- should be 3-0
  5. BC- very vulnerable if DD goes down and he will every game.
  6. Toronto- need a starting QB - have the rest.
  7. Edmonton- only their fluke win over Calgary keeps them out of the basement(2nd biggest disappointment this year.
  8. Hamilton- Wow, biggest disappointment thus far. No mucho gucho Maas.

He might replace him or Carter. But Charlton has been pretty good for us against the argos and Als teh guy has a knack for big plays.

As for the Rankings I think I would rank BC number 1.

TSN's take on the PR's:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/?fid=547&hubname=]http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/ ... 7&hubname=[/url]

and sportsnets ( which are the same as mine ):

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/power_rankings06.php]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/p ... ings06.php[/url]

For Week 3 ONLY

  1. WINNIPEG!!!
  2. BC
  3. Calgary
  4. Hamilton
  5. Toronto
  6. EE

Now Kanga changes the way power rankings are done. Nothing is safe in its actual form with Kanga around!

hahaha.. good rankings turkeybend. Seriously though, the only change I'd make to DG's is flip BC and Montreal. Admittedly Montreal hasn't lost.. but it hasn't exactly been in high form. Other than a strange game 2, the Lions have looked very very dominant with DD at the helm. The only reason TO came close was because Dickenson was resting.

think of it as a report that can be used in addision to the other power rankings to predict the next week.

Haha Riders #2...