**The REAL Power Rankings after week 15**

The REAL Power Rankings after week 15

#1 BC - 7-1 in last 8 games. struggled against the rider defence. Dickenson replaced by Pierce again who threw a TD when DD could not. Buono made a crucial coaching error in OT which may have cost them the win.
#2 Calgary - winners of 6 of their last 7, improved to 9-5 and clinched a playoff berth with the victory. DeAngelis stole the show and calgary's D totally shut down toronto's offence.
#3 Saskatchewan - won 4 of last 5. Defence was electric holding BC's offence to 17 points in reg.time. riders seem to have the lions number.
#4 Toronto - won 5 of last 6. offence has been non-existant 2 straight games.
#5 Winnipeg - finally beat montreal, moving into a 3-way tie for 1st in the east. Hebert, Simpson and the bomber D had a big game to bail out thier stuggling offence.
#6 Montreal - 6 straight losses. offence seemed unfocused and confused and couldn't get anything going. Calvillo didn't throw a TD pass, giving him only five majors in his last eight contests.
#7 Hamilton - another big game by the ticat defence, swating balls and forcing INTs. Maas made the big throws and didnt have any turnovers. too little too late tho, as they must win all 3 remaining games to have a sniff of the postseason.
#8 Edmonton - the casket is going into the ground and the shovels are in the dirt pile. with 2 games against the ticats, it looked like edmonton were gonna walk away with a 6-7 record and close to a playoff spot. instead they are 4-9 and the playoffs are a blip on the radar.

note: Winnipeg vs Montreal for the higher ranking next week.

Nice thoughts drummer. I agree with your seedings. BC and Calgary are very close. Maybe some people might think Calgary should be Number 1 now since they really looked good against a decent Toronto team but BC could have and maybe should have beaten Sask but couldn't get the job done. I think BC still deserves Number 1 (by a sliver) for now.

What a triangle (so far)- Sask owns BC, BC owns Calgary and Calgary owns Sask.

Clearly the top 3 teams are in the West right now.

Agree Bison :thup:

Right on, were number five n climbing...just so happens a couple of old time Qb's are washing up on shore and peaple say it's the team around them, that are letting the vet QB's down..I say every dog has it's day...then it's over..Go Bombers..

I think Saskatchewan and Toronto are two pretty comparable teams ... Calgary beat Toronto and Saskatchewan beat BC. I think there's argument that Calgary could be first, or at least tied with BC for first (in the power rankings, of course). It will be good when they play back-to-back 2 and 3 weekends from now ...

Week 15 only

  1. Calgary
  2. SSK
  3. BC
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Montreal
  6. Hamilton
  7. Toronto
  8. Edmonton

The Real Power Rankings should be:

  1. Calgary - proved their salt agst. Argos
  2. Saskatchewan- still haven't hit stride yet - watch out rest of CFL
  3. BC - the beginning of the end as usual once weather becomes a factor. West coast boys cannot handle the elements!
  4. Toronto- defence and experience will keep them competitive the rest of the way.
  5. Winterpeg- got to admit I am surprised they beat the Als in Montreal- but is it because they are any good or Montreal is real bad.
  6. Hamilton- with Lumsden and Ronnie's 'O' I think they can be competitive with most teams.
  7. Montreal- Yikes the Don's magic is gone!
  8. Edmonton- self-destructing zombies stealing money from paying customers!!

Riders Rule!!

HOLY SMOKES!!! I can't believe my eyes. Turkeybend actually doesn't have the Riders at Number 1. :o

Did you fall out of your Rider chair and hit your head again Turkey?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actrually heard that EE is refunding it's season triket holder for the bad season. :roll:

:lol: :lol: :lol: Hey where is EE by the way. He sure is quiet when he has no cause to troll up the Bomber forums. I guess he's taken off his Eskimo jersey and put his Oiler jersey on instead.


very likely, but that's not gonna do him any good either :lol:

1.Calgary- Smilin Banks is earning his
paycheck & Calgarys D is tough
2.BC - Brrrrrr its cold out there… If BC
can secure first place they got the Cup
locked up … finnish second or third???
Brrrrrrr its cold out there
3.Sask - Possible Grey Cup spoiler
…Defense is rising to the top…Joesph
has not yet shown his potential
4.TO - IF Allen gets hot in time lookout…
if not…they next years project… D has
won most of there games.
5.Winnipeg - Possible Greycup spoiler
material, they way the east is playing
first is place is up for grabs
6.Montreal - Revolving door Matthews last
year - Cavillo’s confidence seems to be
shattered… never count them out though
7.Ham - The Too Late Tigercats could
actually Finnish in first place if all
the other eastern teams lose there
remaining games next years
project with a gaggel of promising young
8.Edm - Someone get me a Kleenex

Drummergod's rankings have been consistently good. I agree that BC should be ranked ahead of Calgary because Calgary has losted more games including one against BC. Despite 6 consecutive losses, Montreal deserves to be ahead of Hamilton. Montreal has the better record and is unlucky to face a schedule of tough opponents. Whereas, Hamilton faced lowly Edmonton.

  1. Calgary - The Argos are surely no weakling on offense, but Calgary's D sure made them look like one.

  2. BC - A loss is a loss. Regardless how close it was, BC blew this one.. and most of the blame IMO falls onto Dave Dickenson.. through three and a half quarters he managed only 80 yards through the air. I think one too many blows to the head have finally taken their toll.

  3. Saskatchewan - Slew the mighty Lion. Need I say more?

  4. Winnipeg - Looked much more like the bombers from the beginning of the season.. Glenn managed 300 yards against what was once reffered to as the "stingy" Montreal 'D'.

  5. Toronto - Have looked pretty bad in the last two games.. but still managed to win one of them.. besides... who else could be above them?

  6. Montreal - Wow. 6 in a row. I would NEVER have seen this coming from a team that started so strong. Nothing can go right. No offense.. no defence.. no special teams.. no coach (blames the player when the gamble doesn't work)... if something doesn't change right now... no playoffs.

  7. Hamilton - Looking good! Almost wanted to rank them above Montreal except that it remains to be seen if Maas can keep up this kind of play against teams other than the Eskies.

  8. Edmonton - Wow. What a performance. Macciocca will go down as the guy that ended the streak, and took a grey cup champ to the bottom of the league without any player changes. But wait! It gets worse - Hugh Campbell says this isn't panic time, and that Danny M will be back next season.. not only that, but if this is happening again at this time next season.. it still won't be panic time.. and Danny will come back again!! People in Edmonton are actually starting to call for baby Hughie's walking papers. I never though the day would come.. the evil empire is crashing down, and the Emperor is dying.