**The REAL Power Rankings after week 14**

The REAL Power Rankings after week 14

#1 BC - 7 consecutive wins. Pierce saves the day, again, and the defence gets better each week.
#2 Calgary - won 5 of last 6. back to thier winning ways in a dominant win against the bombers. Reynolds now holds the rushing ‘belt’.
#3 Toronto - 5 straight wins comming off a bye week. offence hasn’t impressed in the last 2 games, but the defence is amazing.
#4 Saskatchewan - also comming off the bye, having won 3 of last 4.
#5 Montreal - have lost 5 in a row. managed to hang in there with BC despite allowing a pathetic 11 sacks. can’t win with your QB on his back every snap.
#6 Winnipeg - dropped to 6-7, having now lost 5 of thier last 6. were dominated and completely outclassed by calgary, erasing any momentum last weeks win had given them.
#7 Edmonton - came out flat in the first half expecting an easy win. couldn’t dig outta the hole in the 2nd half.
#8 Hamilion - the Defence and special teams played great and Maas finally got the monkey off his back. can they do it again next week?

note: Edmonton vs Hamilton next week for the higher spot.

Calgary vs Toronto for the #2 spot

Montreal vs Winnipeg for the higher spot.

I disagree with the rankings as you put them out. IMO, it should be:

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Toronto
  4. Sakatchewan
  5. Montreal
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Hamilton - Hamilton came out and worked their asses off…they deserved their win.
  8. Edmonton - Edmonton should have won, but didn’t, and they are now only one game up on Hamilton.

IMO it should.

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Toronto
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton

No all are wrong , it should be:

  1. Saskatchewan - already beat BC
  2. Toronto
  3. Calgary
  4. BC- qb injury problems will catch up to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Montreal- oui, ouch they are hurting.
  6. Winnipeg, Hamilton or Edmonton - they are all going nowhere. it is irrelevant to discuss them. Winnipeg might not win another game. Edmonton is reeling. Hamilton is too far back but may do the best of the three the rest of the way.

Nice rankings drummer. I agree with them 100%.

Turkeybend you make me laugh. The Riders could be 0 and 12 and you would have them ranked in first place. Just hilarious. :lol:

I agree with this guy.

Montreal has lost 5 in a row, even if they were ranked number 1 before, they should be no higher than 6 right now.

....but I'm confused Turk, by your logic (bolded) shouldn't Calgary be above Saskatchewan for their 2-1 record over the green and white?..... :twisted: ....

Turkey....get stuffed. Sas"kant"chewan is 6 and 6 (I believe - I tend not to follow them much). "They already beat BC" - but have you forgotten their first meeting this year??? I haven't. Dream on. See ya' around Thanksgiving.

Lions all the way.

I tend to like hwgill's rankings

hamilton's jason maas has scored 1 TD in last 5 games, or something like that....how do they rank higher than edmonton?...does this mean hamilton is higher than calgary, cuz they got a win against them too?

this is why i said, if hamilton beats edmonton AGAIN, then i will rank the ticats higher next week.

Although I agree with drummer's rankings, it also seems that Saskatchewan and Toronto are too high. In their recent success they have a combined 6 wins against Hamilton and Winnipeg. 2 teams who are struggling big time right now. But who do you rank in front of them?

The only change I may make would be with Edmonton and Winnipeg. My thoughts are that the West is way tougher than the east. So by default, Edmonton has a much tougher schedule than either Hamilton or Winnipeg. BC and Calgary are the cream of the crop in the CFL right now and it does not appear as though anyone is disputing that Edmonton and Saskatchewan have to play them more than any east teams and the east teams get to beat up on Hamilton and Winnipeg. Edmonton #6, Winnipeg #7.

I don't see how Edmonton can be anything other than 7th or 8th ... they just lost to HAMILTON! Had every opportunity to get themselves back in the playoff race, and went out and lost to a team that hadn't scored a touchdown at home since 1997.

I haven't been following the "real power rankings", so I don't know if it's based on the whole season or just the past one or two weeks ... I agree with drummer's original rankings if it's based on the whole season (which I assume it is). For just the past week or two, I'd keep the top 5 the same, and have Winnipeg in 6th, Hamilton in 7th and Edmonton in 8th. I'm sorry, but when you can't beat the Ti-Cats in an effort to continue a 34-year playoff legacy ... you deserve to be last.

bc and cgy top in the league right now with bc on top of cgy.

then tor mon sas and wpg lumped in middle maybe with mon on top of this group but all very hit or miss in any week.

then ham and edm looking to next year at the bottom.

those are the three groups as i see it. unless the east picks it up the west should take the cup home this year.

TSN's PR's are identical to mine...hmm...

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/?fid=547&hubname=]http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/ ... 7&hubname=[/url]

week 14 only

  1. Calgary
  2. BC
  3. Hamilton
  4. Montreal
  5. Winnipeg
  6. Edmonton

"It's gotten so bad that the next team that loses to Hamilton will automatically be dropped into last place in the Power Rankings."