**The REAL Power Rankings after week 13**

The REAL Power Rankings after week 13

#1 BC - 6 consecutive wins comming outta thier bye week. easily the best team right now.
#2 Calgary - had thier win streak snapped, but still had a good game, as the defence didnt allow the eskies to capitalize on opportunities in the red zone. Reynolds was shut down, and too many dropped balls may have been the difference.
#3 Toronto - 5 straight wins. again, the defence created turnovers and held the fort but it should be alarming that the offence has struggled 2 games in a row.
#4 Saskatchewan - have won 3 of thier last 4 games. played winnipeg tight but came up just short.
#5 Winnipeg - looked back in the form that saw them go 5-2 to start the season. back on track just intime for the stretch run.
#6 Edmonton - another brilliant performance from Ricky Ray. AJ Gass pumped up his defence and the D responded in a big way and got the big win.
#7 Montreal - 4 losses in a row. need to play with more intensity and passion if they are to stop this skid.
#8 Hamilton - defence played well, but too many fumbles, INT's, penalties. Maas' offence gives up more points then they put up. how can u not put up a TD in 4 straight games?

note: #7 Montreal can make a big statement and jump back up the ranks with a win in BC.

5 winnipeg can jump both the idle argos and riders with a convincing win against calgary.

Hmmm. Interesting rankings. I know Montreal is really struggling right now but I don't know how you can place a 7-4 team seventh out of 8 teams and place a 4-7 team ahead of them in an 8 team league.

Just my humble opinion though.

.....I agree, power rankings should be based on how teams match up against each other and right now I'd say Montreal could still beat Winnipeg and Edmonton...Calgary should've slipped a notch or two as well, they stunk on Friday.......in any case, I don't put much validity in power rankings anyway so you can ignore my opinion.......

Week 13 only

  1. Edmonton
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Calgary
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Toronto
  6. Hamilton

ya made a mistake KK
toronto won this week

by a hair, SSk and Cal lost, but they played better.

Wow, that line of reasoning actually makes sense...


head asplodes

the problem with montreal is;

not only have they lost 4 in a row, but have been destroyed in 3 of them, and dont look like they even care when they play.....if they were losing close ones, i could rank them higher, but even edmonton loses close games.....edmonton just upset the stamps and coulda beaten the lions, if not for a botched FG hold.

asplodes lol :stuck_out_tongue:

1 game in 28 days for the Lions. Don’t know if it is a good thing or not. Good for injuries. It had sucked to not be able to watch the Lions play but now all their byes are out of the way and hopefully they can pick up from where they left off before the long layoff.

If Winnipeg beats Calgary convincingly, I think the Stamps should drop from second with Toronto and maybe even Winnipeg passing them

fursure...winnipeg is two different teams:

  • the team that went 5-2 to start the year.
    -and the one who couldnt buy a win without stegall and glenn.

now that the later is back, they are much more than the #7 spot they've been in lately.

and i cant wait to see how the bombers do with cavil in the lineup at the same time as stegall, glenn, brazzel and roberts.

part of me has issue to tor moving up by barely beating a bad ticat team… not moving down i could see but up? i realize the bombers lost to them-although without glenn and stegall- the other day and that is probably why they remain on top of us but it still doesn’t sit very well for some reason.

apparently i am an idiot. i just finished reading tsn power rankings and had them on the mind when righting this post as you already had tor that high last time. still don’t think they are all too special though.

Too much is put on barly beating a team. A win is a win. Toronto won, Calgary lost

had sask won against winnipeg…sask woulda past toronto even tho they both won…cuz toronto didnt impress…and cuz toronto didnt impress, i couldnt justify bumping them past calgary, even with calgarys loss.

but with sask losing, noone could pass torontos 5 game win streak.

but you must admit it has been the least impressive 5 game winning streak of all time or at least recent memory. i still think both the riders and bombers are better than toronto and either would win a series against them right now.

the riders lost to toronto when toronto was still nursing alot of injuries.

as for the bombers...let them win a few games with the 'A team' b4 we jump them ahead of toronto...a win against calgary will put them in the top 4, tho.

it is kinda fitting tho, that we wont get to see the real argos ( without injuries ) vs the real bombers ( without injuries ) until the playoffs....so u can throw out the past meetings and have a 'winner takes all' match.

hopefully that can happen, would be sad to have any team in the playoffs minus any of their starters. i assume goodspeed will still be missing but suspect the rest of our present injured players should be back by then. hopefully we don't too many more.

and if wpg beats the stamps this week what could possibly keep them out of third at least??(maybe if stegall and glenn were injured i guess)

when godspeed went down, that was the begining of the bombers tailspin....the bombers o-line got real banged up in that rematch with the als, and left glenn with an untested o-line

just looked at TSN's and they are the same as mine, except they have montreal 3rd and i have them 8th....they seem to have overlooked the 3 blowouts the als have recieved in thier last 3 games.

but they also moved tor from 6 to 4 with an unconvincing win over hamilton. that was what shocked me.