**The REAL Power Rankings after week 12**

The REAL Power Rankings after week 12

#1 BC - 6th consecutive win, and are so good, it doesn't matter whos at QB and they can still beat the top teams
#2 Calgary - red hot right now with 4 wins straight. Burris and Reynolds ran wild and were too much for the eskimo defence.
#3 Toronto - 4 straight wins. again, the defence created turnovers and held the fort while the offence warmed up.
#4 Saskatchewan - 3 straight victories to go above .500 for first time since last october. Joseph shook off the rust and had a big game along with Kieth.
#5 Montreal - 4 losses in a row. look completely uninterested on the field, playing with no emotion or desire.
#6 Winnipeg - lost 4 straight. too much rust on Glenn and Stegall. bombers reputable defence was taught a lesson from Kieth.
#7 Edmonton - despite Ricky Rays brilliance, they just make too many mistakes. playoffs chances are looking slim having lost 5 of last 6
#8 Hamilton - defence played well, but too many fumbles, INT's, penalties. Maas' offence gives up more points then they put up....another self destruction

note: you can argue that sask and toronto are tied for #3, since both have beaten the ticats 2ice and winnipeg in thier respective streaks...but toronto did humiliate the Als in there too.

Don't forget that Toronto has already beaten Sask. heads up in Regina when Toronto was playing with mostly 2nd and 3rd stringers so I would clearly give Toronto 3rd over Sask.

Nice insight. I totally agree with your rankings.

Good job! Sure can't argue with those. Hopefully these arrogant mods don't decide to screw you over again this week.

Care to explain?

Yes please do!

I agree with those rankings fully, but as to the discussion, I always look at rankings as "who would I put my money on on a neutral field with 1-1 odds" and rank accordingly

I never look at games older than 2 weeks, only how they've played lately, and injury reports, etc.

The fact that Toronto beat the Riders a few weeks ago would have zero bearing on my rankings for example.

  1. Lions are overrated
  2. Calgary is overrated
  3. Toronto is overrated
  4. Riders are underrated.
  5. Winnipeg is done
  6. Montreal will snap out of it.
  7. Edmonton is done (City of Has beens)
  8. Hamilton is , gosh I cannot say this on a public forum. How sad are they to watch. Makes one want to cry.

Lions & Stamps are overrated? That's why they're blowing every one out?


Tiger Cats remind me of the Riders!

LDC weekend ONLY!

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Toronto
  5. Edmonton
  6. Montreal
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton


  1. WPG/SSK: I loved the SSk's all black unnfroims! :thup: :thup:
  2. BC/Mon :thup:
  3. Edm/Cal: ok, Calgary could have worth black pants :expressionless: but as far as the game goes, this was the best game this week. :thup: :thup:
  4. To/Ham: I had no idea about who was home or away! :thdn: :thdn:

Kanga I guess your picks are based on high fashion right! :lol: Go to your thread on the bombers section it seems Ro and Mongo are picking you up at the Pegs airport! And showing you how to have fun Canadian style! In fact I think Jm02 stated Ro will let you stay with him! Have fun! Dress very warm and watch out for the polar bears!!

Actually rw05, ro and I have come to a consensus. After we show KK a good time at the GC in the 'Peg, and provided jm's credit cards haven't been maxed out, we're popping for a one-way ticket to send KK to Calgary. He's gonna be shacking up with YOU. Merry Xmas!

Hey not a problem! JUst do not teach him any bad habits in the couple of days you guys are with him!

yeah, I had to do a runaway thing there with the teams uniforms, especially after that fashion disaster they now call the Cats. :thdn:

Hey, we cannot be held responsible for what transpires to KK while in the 'Peg, but just think, your son will now have a lil playmate come November 20th'ish.

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/power_rankings06.php]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/p ... ings06.php[/url]

sportsnets are the same as mine, 3 weeks in a row....hmmmm?

.....lol, I like his line about Hamilton being so bad that "the next team to lose to the Ti_Cats automatically drops to last in the rankings".....

I almost agree with you completely DG. I had Calgary at #1 last week, only because Dickenson wasn't for sure on game day, but even though he's injured.. Buck Pierce has made me a believer.

I would put Sask above TO though.. I think blowing out a healthy Winnipeg team is more impressive than blowing out Hamilton.