**the REAL Power Rankings after week 11** (merged)

But you're not here and I can't wait. So here's my Unofficial Unreal Power Rankings for week 10.

#1. Calgary Stampeders - Accuse me of homerism all you want, but with the display the Stampeders put on against Montreal in a game they should have lost if for no other reason than it was a home and home series.. I believe they are on top right now.

#2. BC Lions - Tough to move the Lions down on the bye week.. but if the Stamps played them like they played the Als, I don't think with BC's current health problems that it would be a game they could win. Hopefully next week things will be a little more clear.

#3. Montreal Allouettes - The sliding Als need to make a quick 180 if they want to keep on top of the East. In the three games they've lost, Robert Edwards has only one TD, compared to 10 in the first seven games.

#4. Saskatchewan Roughriders - Masters of the beatdown, the Riders destroyed Hamilton by a combined score of 97-23 in their home and away series. With backup Rocky Butler at the helm to boot. The question for the Riders now, is if they can continue this kind of success against a team that hasn't gone 3 games at home without a major.

#5. Toronto Argonauts - Close win against a Winnipeg team decimated by injuries, one that could have easily been a loss, does little to dispel the idea that Toronto's big win against Montreal may have been a fluke. The boatmen have a big chance to gain some ground with an upcoming series against the lowly TigerCats.. but Hamilton has a tendency to come out strong for the yearly tilt with the Argos. I guess we'll find out if Toronto can possibly push Montreal... or if maybe ageless Damon Allen's time is finally approaching.

#6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Winnipeg could have won the game against the Argonauts, if it wasn't for poor play calling and a terrible decision to sit Charles Roberts for most of the second half, after he had been tearing the Argo's D apart for the entire first half. With Glenn and Stegall possibly ready to return, it'll be interesting to see what happens at the Banjo bowl, and if Winnipeg can start making the East competitive again.

#7. Edmonton Eskimos - Nothing to do but sit back and wait. The Eskimos have a great opportunity to climb the ranks and start a comeback in the second half of the season when they play back to back with Calgary. Danny Macciocca was in attendance at Molson Stadium taking notes... for his sake they'd better be good ones.

#8. Hamilton TigerCats - How do you lose a second chance game by 43 points? After having seen what the Riders can do first hand in the first thrashing at Mosaic stadium, you would have thought the Cats would have learned enough to have at least slowed them down, or maybe ended the Ivor Wynne touchdown curse.. but no. They are truly inept. With too many problems to pin down, and too much of a gap to close up, it's time for the TiCats to start retooling, and hope for better things in the future.

I think you should rotate saskatchewan and toronto because saskatchewans numbers came against hamilton who are basically a cis team

Yeah, but Toronto was less than convincing against a Bombers squad that's been terrible lately too.

I pretty much agree spot on with this one. . . I mean, come on, Lancaster even told the media that he made NO changes to the team after that game. With all respects to Ronny, it seems that the Ti-Cats have some inept coaching as well as players. But that was obvious, wasn't it.

And while Saskatchewan may have put up those numbers against the woeful Ti-Cats, Toronto didn't put up half those numbers when they played them how many weeks ago. Clearly the Riders were playing harder, and are the beter team right now.

Power Rankings for after week 11

#1 BC - comming off a bye week one game after the team reached the midseason mark on a 5 game win streak.
#2 Calgary - a 2nd, and very convincing, win against the eastern leading als. the Stamps played a complete game in almost every facet. now have 3 straight wins.
#3 Toronto - 3 straight wins. Defence played well enough to give the offence a chance for that late game rally.
#4 Montreal - When the quarterback has no answers, a football team's in trouble. Somebody needs to throw the Alouettes a lifebuoy, because this club appears to be sinking fast with a 3 game losing skid.
#5 Saskatchewan - destroyed the ticats with a 3rd stringer again. but it was only the ticats, so how much credit do u give? i'll hold judgement until after next week. Luca Congi has become automatic.
#6 Winnipeg - despite the loss, the Defence looked in top form, and sir charles is still a force. Glenn, according to Berry, is "99.5%" certain to play next Sunday in Regina against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
#7 Edmonton - have lost 4 of thier last 5 and are sitting with the second worst record, 3-6. things don't get any easier, with 2 games with the stamps.
#8 Hamilton - are an embarrasement every home game and a joke every road game. Lancaster: "People say we're so great on paper. But what do you do with paper, you roll it up and throw it away. We're not good on the field."

note: #5 Saskatchewan vs #6 Winnipeg for the higher ranking next week.
#4 montreal can climb the rankings with a win over the lions.

Once again perfect ratings IMO. Good job!

thanks...love that video of yours, BTW....funny stuff.


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How the mighties have fallen! Ah the shame of it. At least we will get our guys back. Whether they can screw their head back on is another story.

My view is:

  1. The Lions are suspect without Dickenson.
  2. Calgary is a hot and cold team. Burris's stats are not that great- he gets a few big plays now and then that have changed the outcome of games.
  3. Toronto and Winnipeg have defences that keep them in most every game.
  4. Montreal does not seem the powerhouse it once was.
  5. The Riders are a dilemma? Did they underachieve earlier and lose some games they should not have or are the wins over Hamilton irrelevant as far as measuring their strength. The next two games against the Bombers will tell the tale.
  6. Edmonton seems to be half the team they were. Even Ray on his best days is not enough.
  7. Hamilton- "...hide your heads in the sand!"

Didn't Toronto beat the ti-cats twice this year as well, and not near as convincingly as the Riders did with a third string quarterback.

Week 11 ONLY

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Calgary
  3. Toronto
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Montreal
  6. Hamilton

Usually power rankings of the week are for that week only

kangas doesnt take any consideration into weeks past, or even level of competition....so his are a world of thier own.

all he does is put winners on top and losers on the bottom

hahah...its ture!...its damn ture. :lol:

so? what's wrong with that? if you add all them up, you will get what Dgod has now, I'm sure he uses mine to help his out.

and it's unsally loser with less points on bottom, and winnier with most pionts or best plays on top.

Well drumkit, time to come clean…you use KK’s power rankings to help yours out, or do you do them all by yourself? :lol: