**the REAL Power Rankings after week 10**

Power Rankings for after week 10

#1 BC - 5 wins in a row. gave up a ton of sacks and shoulda lost, but when your good you get the lucky breaks.
#2 Montreal - 2 losses in a row. absolutly destroyed in toronto. no TD's and 6 INTs in one game is a joke. thier first real convincing loss.
#3 Calgary - 2 wins in a row and were idle this week
#4 Toronto - 2 straight wins. defence was unbeatable. looked like the team that finished first in the east in '05.
#5 Saskatchewan - kieth looked in fine form as the riders crushed the tabbies with a 3rd stringer.
#6 Winnipeg - when glenn comes back, this team should be alot more dangerous, with cavil ( and possibly baker )now in the fold.
#7 Edmonton - have lost 4 of thier last 5. played well enough to have won the last game, but a botched snap blew it and has them sitting 3-6 instead of 4-5.
#8 Hamilton - can't do anything right and are the only true cakewalk in the CFL.

note: #2 Montreal vs #3 Calgary for the higher spot next week.

Pretty good, drummer

I would have Montreal lower ..... pathetic yesterday

....and Edm higher .... they played very well in Vanny

but who would edmonton be ranked ahead of tho?...that was the hardest part.

i was gonna rank them 6th and winnipeg 7th, but edmonton would kill for winnipegs record and i want to wait to see what winnipeg does this week before i can say who is ranked higher.

Yah ... but these rankings are at a moment in time. What the Bombers do versus Toronto should not matter ..... now

I would have EDM ahead of WPG .... at this moment

[not by much, tho]

edmonton have lost 4 of thier last 5, lets not forget.

Just because Edmonton was with in two points of the Lions...does not mean they gained power in the ranks, they lost..For sure, me Bombers out rank the crew from Edmonton....Go Bombers..

Look for the Argos to move back up. The way they played last night, they look like the team that won the East in 2005 and the team that won the Grey Cup in 2004.

Power ranks should be:

  1. Saskatchewan - total dominance over Hamilton
  2. Toronto- Big win over 0verrated als.
  3. BC Pussycats- lucky win over edmonchuck who is lousy- Dickenson is starting to look brittle!!
  4. Montreal- Oui le Don is slipping.
  5. Calgary- Up and down like a yo-yo
  6. Edmonton- yikes the season is slipping away.
  7. Winnipeg- start of season was misleading.
  8. Hamilton- need to bring back Angelo Mosca!!!

They played well steve, hats off to the Boatmen...Made Anthony look sick, going to be a great second half of the season, in the East.

Hey Turkey, I'm no Eskimo fan but if Edmonchuck (as you so eloquently put it) is so lousy then what does that say about your Riders since they beat them last week? :stuck_out_tongue:

Come to think of it, your Riders are the only team that Edmonton has managed to beat for the last month. :lol:

  1. BC - numero uno since day 1
  2. Mtl - good but fading
  3. Cal - good team
  4. Edm - dominated BC in 2nd half
  5. Tor - ok with Allen
  6. Wpg - fading bad without Glenn
  7. Ssk - mediocre with Joseph, worse without
  8. Ham - say no more

Sorry, I can't see Sask ranked above Edmonton.
Additionally, I think you meant Edmonton COULD have beaten the Lions, not should have. Teams that are up 30 - 18 going into the 4th quarter should win, not the other way around.

so the problem people seem to have is, a team with 4 losses in their last 5 games AND with the 2nd worst record in the league, i ranked 2nd last?

i think people are just not used to seeing edmonton so bad and the rankings just seem ....off.

I never understood why Edmonton has been placed where it has all year. I don't think they deserve to be above 6th. AS for the Bombers fall, sure they have lost Glenn and 2 straight...but once Glenn comes back and if they start winning again do they rise as fast as they fell? If the rankings go by the most recent performances, then Montreal needs to come down as well.

yes...as i stated in previous weeks rankings, the bombers are a different team without glenn and stegall. if glenn comes back and the bombers pick up where they left off, they will surely jump back up the rankings.

the eskies were placed no lower than 6th mostly cuz toronto and hamilton had been stuck in the 7th and 8th spot for so long...so edmonton was higher by not playing 'as badly' as those teams. but now toronto isnt so bad.

and montreal did fall, but i only dropped them 1 spot cuz it was thier only convincing loss...thier other loss was a last-second FG.

if calgary can beat them again, calgary will be ranked higher and montreal will drop further ( depending on thier play and the play of other teams will determine how much of a fall )

I can't beleive I'm saying this but I actually agree with this post.

Winnipeg is going to get crushed when they meet the Riders, and beleive me, 4 more points for the RIders is the last thing I want. But the Riders are a much stronger team then the Bombers.

winnipeg will probably continue to get crushed until glenn and stegall are back.

u cant win if u cant score.

And Hamilton will also start to win when their starters are back.

Oh… wait… They already have all of their starters… hmmmm…

  1. BC
  2. Montreal
  3. Calgary
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Toronto
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton

The top three are mostly self explanatory, BC has been easily the strongest team lately.. Montreal looked terrible, but I wouldn't move Calgary past them on a bye week.

I think even though Toronto looked great against the Als, the Riders also looked great against the Tabbies. Even though Hamilton is obviously a weaker opponent, I can't see launching TO right past Sask just based on that one game when they've been so awful otherwise.

As for Edmonton, they came within inches of beating the #1 ranked team.. how can that justify dropping them below a team that didn't even play this week and is still hobbled by injuries?

As for Edmonton, they came within inches of beating the #1 ranked team.. how can that justify dropping them below a team that didn't even play this week and is still hobbled by injuries?
Is that something to crow about....coming within inches of beating the #1 team who was playing with their back-up quarterback,a scrappy guy who threw no interceptions, unlike one RR?