The real Michael Bishop

It figures...

Against the TiCats last week, Michael Bishop plays the game of his life, hitting receivers with laser strikes and pin-point accuracy. (much like the lone Argo playoff game that built up his "reputation" as a potentially good (great?) QB... a potential never fully realized)

Against the Lions, we see the real Bishop... inconsistent, inaccurate and looking to blame everything and everyone else for his miscues.

Let's hope the "real" Bishop plays the remainder of the year, especially the last game of the season :slight_smile:

No comment.

:D :D :D ;)

That game? It was more like hitting receivers out in open space with no defender to be seen within 15 yards.

3 interceptions for Bishop, that is consitent with him under pressure.
Doc 8)

His bubble is about to burst.

Bishop had quite a few "pin point" passes in that game as not all receivers or catches were open or easy.

He was accurately hitting receivers on the dead run (vs a number of wide open receivers Glenn missed yesterday). He also had a few bullets that seemed to have eyes (ie, TD pass to well-covered Ralph at the goal line that just missed the DB's helmet and went directly over Ralph's shoulder and into his outstretched hands... perfectly (luckily?) placed).

His receivers also made a few circus catches which also helps.

This isn't to criticize the amazing game Glenn played against the Als but he did miss a few wide open and in-the-clear receivers (for sure TD's) whereas Bishop seemed he could do no wrong when he last played us.

Bishop realized he was falling behind the pace setters for most interceptions and clearly stepped up his game. He now has only 3 games left to pull it out! He's taken a commanding lead in the interceptions per start category though...

Honestly this has always been Bishops style, play good football and tease the paying faithful for a few games and then look like a colour blind man lost in a jungle for the following few. He just chucks the deep ball constantly and hopes his receivers come down with it.