The real Matt Dunigan

Someone mentioned following him on Twitter, so I thought I would. Problem is I found two accounts. Anyone know which is the real one?!/MattDuniganTSN!/cfltsnmatt

Only the real Matt D can say for sure, but my guess is this one!/MattDuniganTSN

It has nearly 2 thousand followers and it's public. The other one has 1 follower and the tweets are protected.

This s the real one!/MattDuniganTSN

have seen it numerous times during televised games

Excellent. Thanks, guys.

Are there any other CFL personalities worth following?

I follow Dave Campbell - gives updates on the Eskimos.

Is this the guy?!/Dave_CHED

Yes, that’s Dave.

Cool. I’ll follow him.

Chief, are you looking for just Eskimo-related people on Twitter, or every team? As far as other CFL people, Dave Naylor is good to follow, same with Chris Shultz. I'm actually surprised they convinced Schultz to tweet, but I'm a fan of his, so I follow him myself.

You know, I'm surprised they did talk Schultz into tweeting. Doesn't seem like his bag. :lol: I'll follow him and Dave Naylor. Thanks, Blogskee.

Sara Orlesky is another good one, Chief. I knew about Calvillo's injury before she went on TV because she tweeted it first.

Thank God Twitter has a character limit otherwise she’d crash the servers with her long-winded updates. :lol:

I rag on her a lot. You’re cool, Sara! :thup:

Derr. I just discovered that TSN has each person's Twitter account in his/her profile. I guess that does make sense. :oops:

A number of players tweet:

In the link below I see Etienne Boulay, Rob Bagg, Jordan Sisco, Steve Baggs, Nick Graham, Ronald Flemons, Brandon Whitaker, Davis Sanchez, Rob Murphy, Muamba, Shawn Gore, and more.!/CFL/players

One thing I noticed after checking out Tad's twitter post waiver was that there are a pile of CFLers that twitter

If anyone is interested, this is a pretty comprehensive list of players and media types on Twitter: