The Real LDC GDT

Picked up the ribs, snacks and beer....did a bunch of yardwork, now I'm dipping into the snacks & beer....
24 hours to go, how do we not have a thread yet?

Sounds like Bighill will play afterall.....but Briggs starts at Will. No Couture or Alexander yet....hopefully at least 1 is back by Banjo Bowl.

Thinking we'll see a great defensive game, its gonna be physical and tempers will flare....but hopefully nothing too big comes from it.
Willie gets the player of the game, he just loves to piss off Rider fans!


Willie was great in the community when he was a Rider and I think even though he's a Bomber now he'll always be fondly thought of. I don't think he cares one way or another about pissing off Rider fans, he just wants to win.

Hoping for a good game tomorrow. Weather looks like a hot one, hopefully the fans on the East side stay hydrated. This is one of those back to back weeks where the records of the teams coming in just gets thrown out the window. Some pretty bad Rider teams have blown out good Bomber teams, and vice versa in the Banjo bowl.


Yep. Anything can happen in the Labour Day Classic. Statistically our near perfect record (darn you Montreal!) means nothing tomorrow. I think it's going to be anyone's game... unless Saskatchewan needs to mount a comeback in the 4th quarter.

If the score's really close up until then that crazy home crowd is going to unleash hell. :beaver: :boom: :beer:

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Fajardo scurries around like a beetle until he gets squashed like a bug. Fine comes in for 3 plays and spends most of them running backwards. On his third play he doesn’t stop running and continues, Forrest Gump style, down the tunnel and out the building.

Dickenson and Maas are forced to rotate the offensive linemen through the quarterback position. After being swarmed for a few plays, the hogs figure out why its imprtant to actually block, and begin to do their jobs for the first time.

A local good samaritan sees the stray quarterback, Fine, running loose down an alleyway, and lures him into his truck with a piece of deer jerky. He dutifully returns the player to his team. Fine steps in and plays the game of his life.

On the other side of the ball, the entire Riders d-line dons Simoni Lawrence masks. This causes Collaros to have a PTSD induced panic attack and he throws 8 interceptions. Riders D scores 35 points.

Riders have 3 field goals called back for too many men, but still pull out a 3 point win


Pardon my ignorance but how did “Banjo Bowl” gets its name and when did it start being called that?

A mouthy idiot kicker decided to insult every person in the province of Sask by calling them all banjo-pickin inbreds. Because the guy was a moron, no one took him seriously, but TSN thought it was funny and made it a thing

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Here’s the story:


Troy Westwood. A local legend. (This was before my time so I don’t actually know how good or bad he was at his job). His “apology” was legendary. He apologized for saying they could play the banjo when most of them couldn’t. The Sask fans came out to the next and brought tons of banjos and banjo cutouts for the game. Thus the Banjo Bowl was born.

Do Saskatchewan fans not like the Banjo Bowl? Because I love that it actually has a name and trophy to go with it and kinda wish other rivalries had something similar.


Still upset about it? Come on, even many years later and its still a great follow up game.

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Read my game prediction earler in the thread.
Im quite drunk and sarcastic :sweat_smile:


Willie has gone on record a few times about how he didn't like how some rider fans treated him & his family, and he's much happier here.
add in that any athlete always wants to stick it to a former team, and its not just a regular game. I can guarentee you he's chompin at the bit.

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LOL, I'm getting there too!

Im not "Simoni Lawrence is a good guy" drunk yet, but we have people over and a fire going

Westwood had some great years, and some not so great. You know how you just knew Medlock was going to make that kick from 40-50? Westwood in his prime was like that too. But towards the end he stuggled, sometimes mightily...


I'm on my way!

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I don't know, that just comes off to me like the prototypical thing that athletes say when they switch teams. Nobody is ever going to come out and say "I was treated so much better by the previous teams fans" while they're actively playing against said rival.

I'd agree with you if it was just the usual "___ has the best fans", but the comments about his family were genuine. He did not like that some fans could not read the room when it was time to leave him alone when he was with his family.


Is it going to be a sack show? Best DE's in the Jeffs going up against the worst Oline....Sask leads the league in sacks, and have maybe the best LB group in the league.
Put the Jeffs on Sask (yuck) and they'd be Grey Cup Champs. (even more yuck)

Great find. I didn’t know many of the details of that story.

It’s funny that an off the cuff remark by Troy Westwood arguably became the most successful marketing the CFL has seen this century.

Kinda like making a Labour Day Classic a thing even though it isn't one.

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