The REAL Issue about Review

Using the Hamilton/Montreal fumble as an example, the REAL problem with the CFL Video Review is:

Five days later, no one really knows what happened with this play.

  1. Was the play reviewable or not?
  2. Did Taaffe use the wrong wording or ask for the wrong review?
  3. Did Steen just make a mistake?

CFL fans have posted hundreds of messages on this play and yet a reading of the CFL rulebook is of little help in determining what happened or shoudl have happened.

If this had happened in the NFL, where referee mistakes also sometimes occur and fans also frequently misunderstand the rules, Director of Officiating Mike Pereira would be today explaining on the NFL Network what transpired on every controversial play from the weekend.

The result? Transparency, accountability, and a better understanding of the rules by all concerned.

The reverse of transparency, accountability and understanding? The CFL system.

I've loved the CFL game my whole life (45 years), and I happily shell out $500 per game to take the family to Ivor Wynne, T.O., Ottawa in the past, or last year to Montreal to see the Tiger-Cats in action.

But the refereeing situation continues to be troubling...

I would like it for there to be a head office somewhere that reviews the plays. Much like the NHL. The ref can still watch it and input his opinion, but having the same 4 people doing it for every game would allow for a lot more consistency in the calls. And in my view it is consistency that is the most important.

But Billy, its very consistant....Consistantly different each week. :lol: :lol:

Get rid of replay........Never liked it, never will.

Thank you TSN for getting to the bottom of this and determining that it was referee error.

Now, how come a veteran like Bud Steen doesn't know which plays are reviewable?