The Real Grey Cup - Calgary vs. Saskatchewan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The two best teams in the league are meeting in the Western Semi-Final. At least on paper, the Stamps are equal if not better than anyone in the league. Whether they can recover from their home playoff loss to the Riders last year will be seen. The Riders are clearly the class of the league befuddling all the critics who picked them mostly to finish last in the west this year. Joseph should be the MVP and the defence is strong. Even without Dominquez they have kept rolling. The Grey Cup champ will be one of these two teams. Should be a great game!!!! :cowboy:

I guess that piece of paper did not have wins and loses on it hey?

i know u live green, but i didnt know u smoke it too.

topic title spoken by someone who apparently doesnt expect the riders to play again next week :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah if it's a REAL grey cup the Riders have no chance of winning that

Calgary one of the best teams in the league? Lets not go saying things we can’t take back…

Would I fib to you Chief???????????

....heck, even I have to say "wha?"...

...apparently my team can't even hold a decent press conference without someone running around the locker room with their underwear on their head...

...PREDICTION: We get slaughtered in Regina this Sunday....sorry turk, love your enthusiasm, but my team is only good at beating themselves up right now...

If Dickenson has a pulse on Nov. 18, the winner of the Calgary/Sask. game has no hope--they will be completely annhiliated.

turkey, is that crack you're smoking up there? Must be.

The "best" team gets to sit out this weekend because they earned that right. I guess, in your imaginary world (where there would be no BC team) that could be the case. Unfortunately for you though, BC factors into this equation and even if your guys take this one, they're not even going to know how it feels to "play" in the "real Grey Cup". That's o.k. - you treat this one like it is. Because, for you, it may as well be as it's as close as you're going to get.

We played you 3 times in the regular season and beat you twice, one of those in the form of a good ol' ass whipping.

So the only thing "befuddling" me is how a grown man can't add 2 + 2

You assume he’s grown … some of us never grow up! And that’s okay …

Lions are my second team, they deserve to be where they are now, to say that the Riders and stamps is the real grey cup is funny, I would love to see the Bombers and Riders in the Final.Calgary doesn't even deserve to be in the playoffs with a record like that. The Riders will meet the Lions next week that is more of a Grey Cup game.

The real Grey Cup will be played next weekend with the Riders and the Lions going at it.

Call it a hunch, but I somehow get the feeling the real Grey Cup will be played on November 25th in Toronto...

The winner of next weeks game I guarentee you will win the Grey Cup. Might as well not even play on the 25th

You know what jm....I AGREE WITH YOU.

Now that's a first, isn't it?


Congrats, Saskatchewan, you won the REAL Grey Cup. You are the champs! Party Hearty!!! Go have a parade tomorrow and don't bother going to Vancouver next week--there's nothing but heartbreak waiting for you there.

Whatever ...