The Real Danny Maciocia

Thread dedicated to Danny's body of work in the CFL

Danny Maciocia held the job from 2005-08, winning a Grey Cup before moving into the GM chair. His firing on July 31, 2010, came following a 1-4 start the season, marking an end to the tenure of someone who remains one of the more divisive figures in Edmonton sports history
«Serais-je prêt à retourner dans la LCF pour trois, quatre ou cinq ans? Et après, je ferais quoi? J'arrive à 50 ans. Et ce n'est pas seulement coacher qui prend du temps. Ce sont les demandes à l'extérieur du terrain pendant la saison et la saison morte. Je profite d'une situation idéale avec les Carabins. Je demeure à 20, 25 minutes de l'université. J'ai la chance de passer du temps avec mes enfants, mon père et mon frère. Et pour moi, ça n'a pas de prix. À ce point-ci de ma vie, c'est ce dont j'ai be
Maciocia will not focus on earning a degree this year. He will wait until he has one season under his belt before dividing his study time between game film and textbooks.

“I’ve had some success in the football profession, but a degree would be very important to me, because that’s what I’m promoting with my players and also at home with my three daughters. We all say we want to lead by example and hopefully that will be the case with me,? he said.

“You know how people talk about feeling complete? Well, getting a degree would make me feel complete.?

How's the degree coming Danny ? [url=] ... 04202.html[/url]

What a joke. Keep that guy away from the Als, please God...

Let's not forget his greatest moment!

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