The RB quandary....

With the injury to Chevon Walker, Avon Cobourne saw his return to the starting lineup in last Thursdays unfortunate loss to the Als. While I am uncertain of Chevons currrent recovery status, I am curious to hear the general consensus on which direction the Cats should go in if Chevon is in fact "good to go" on Labour Day.
I for one am a "Deuces" supporter, and never wanted to see him go in the first place. Avon had a commendable outing on Thursday, considering he has yet to see regular action this season. I would be thrilled to see him permanently locked into the 42 man roster. With that said, Chevon has shown some flashes of brilliance in his rookie campaign, and has earned his spot on that same roster.
Seeing as it's unlikely that both will remain on the 42-man roster, who do you think should get the start?


At this point in time I go with Avon unless we can get Boyd with Messam coming back .

The reasons are :

1 . Avon's a guy that can get those tough yards on 3rd and less than 2
2. Avon has so much CFl EXPERIENCE
3. Avom knows how to pick up blitzes and is a good blocker
4 Avon can still break then and get open for passes as seen last game
5 Avon has more heart and killer instincts
6 Avon is a better leader

But Avon is 10 years older than Chevon and they are both filling in for Mallett. If Mallett recovers then I'm sure that Chevon will be the backup. No problems at the RB position, it's the "O" line that just can't seem to rush block.

8) Avon may not even be on the team by this next game.
    Unless the Cats want to be on the hook for his entire salary for the rest of this season, they will have to cut him by
     the 9th game, which would be Labour Day !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I say their performances this season are comparable, with no clear winner based on just that. Walker is also a ST contributor. He is starting his pro career, while Avon is likely in the final year of his. Then there's the money -- with the veteran getting maybe as much as 3x the rookie. From the coach's brief comments on Rutley last week, it sounds like he's been impressive in practice and so I expect Avon's days are numbered, unless Walker's injury is expected to keep him our for more than another game or two. I'd be quite happy with that move and the freeing up of some money to spend in areas where help is more obviosuly needed for the second half of the season and the future.

I'd go with Avon Cobourne.

I'd go one step further, and find a way to dress both of them.

A 2 back set with Henry under centre would drive defenses frickin' crazy!

My money would be on Obie cutting the veteran to save some cash. Or better yet trade him to BC for future considerations.

Walker will only get better. Cobourne will only get worse.

Avon didn't do anything special between the tackles last week, and had a few ugly dropped balls on receiving plays out of the backfield.

Walker is not as bad at blocking and inside running as his detractors fantasize, and his big play ability makes it an easy decision.

If the roster juggling only allows you to dress one of them, it should be Walker if he's healthy.

Agreed. And Cobourne isn't infallible with his blocking either. I have only re-watched the first quarter, but he did have one brutal missed block. In fact, it was very similar to a successful block by Walker the week before. In both cases, the RB was lined up on the right side, saw a linebacker blitzing on the left and moved across to make the block. Walker made it in time to make a clean block; Cobourne missed his guy completely.

Go with Deuces. I will take four-six yards a play any day over the occasional TD followed by several 2 yard runs and missed blocks. Cobourne is still lingering on the peak for now, rest Walker a game, make sure he's healthy and start coaching this kid on a kickoff return, which is what we really need. Sure Williams returning punts and FGs is great, but we need a substantially better kickoff return game.

Cobourne was interviewed before the game and he admitted that he was nervous. That was apparent in the 1st quarter when he bobbled a pass or two. He got better and more confident as the game progressed. He didn’t see any real playing action since last season except a bit in pre-season and needs to a play a couple of games to catch up to all the other players who are in mid-season form.

At Montreal, Cobourne was 8 for 50 rushing. One run was for 37 yds. That says his average gain was less than two yds. on 7 of his 8 carries.

Guys, this was Avon's first game of the season. That includes preseason! I think he did fine. You have to give him a couple of games to get his legs under him and get sharp with his blocking assignments.

Also, Montreal is a very tough team to run on.

I too think Cobourne did fine and, as the 5th poster in this thread, I expressed the opinion that he and Walker have played comparably in what we've seen of them this season. It just seems to me that some memories of Cobourne's play, because of his popularity among many contributors to this forum, are a bit distorted -- even yours d&p with your belief that Avon's first game, including the preseason, was in Montreal. (He carried 13 times for 57 yds. in the preseason game @ WPG.) I also agree with you that Montreal is tough to run on, as demonstrated In the only other game against them this season, when Walker carried 19 times for 80 yds.

Ah, thanks for that correction. I'd completely forgotten that Avon played in preseason.

Easy decision. If and when Walker is ready, he's the main man again.

This is what I hate about stats. People butcher them to satisfy their own means. You can't simply erase 1 carry of your choosing to say he had a crappy rush average during the game. I could play with the numbers the other way, let's say he had 1 run for 1 yard. If I throw that run out, Cobourne's average "on 7 of his 8 carries" is 7 yards per carry (7 carries, 49 yards). Both are incorrect.

If he ran 8 times for 50 yds, then his average is 6.25 yds/carry.

(Plus, Walker breaks big runs, does anyone NOT count those runs in his average? C'mon man.)

Yes, there are a number of people who have discounted Walker's breakaway runs in order to support their claims that Cobourne is a better back because he is "able to get the tough yards". I suspect that this post was a direct response to those people.

Yes, there are a number of people who have discounted Walker's breakaway runs in order to support their claims that Cobourne is a better back because he is "able to get the tough yards". I suspect that this post was a direct response to those people.

Here is one example. I know there are more in other threads (game day, burn the witches, etc.).