The Ratio...

Can some one clarify the rules for me? It says we can start 7 non imports, does it end with them just starting or do they have to have the ratio for every play.

Good post slowdrive.

Read the history of Canadian culture, folks, and find out

about the role government regulations have had
to give Canadian artists a chance to get airplay

We have world class Canadians today in entertainment
from comedy to music to the movies and T.V

because many of them were given exposure
to our audiences and allowed to develop.

People who aren't aware of this won't understand
the necessity of maintaining roster spots for Canadians

to keep alive interest in grass roots football in Canada
so there will be a breeding ground to develop players.

Quote: Legions of fans and Fantuz family members make the trek from Chatham to Hamilton and Toronto. Does that happen if his spot is taken by some dude from Florida?

Comment; Along these lines. I will pay to see Lumsden play because I've watched him through University. I would not pay to see Cauley play even though I like him and his running style...

I still ask, how much better would the quality of play be with an extra import olineman or a fourth receiver? Probably not worth the cost of losing the interest generated by local boys getting in the game. I really doubt you would gain any extra fans, as no one really cares about or makes a connection to the more mediocre fungible imports who drift into the league for a year or two and disappear back into the American south, never to be heard from again.

This is a tough one for me. Reading this article this morning, I couldn't believe what I was reading and I'm a huge CFL fan. Imagine someone who laughs at the CFL and then reading this and what they would think.

But I do understand the history of our game and league somewhat and can see what it's all about. The worse thing that Canadian football did was ever letting non-imports in here to be able to vie for the Grey Cup. But that's history and now we have to keep going on and do whatever is best, now whatever is best for the CFL or Canadian football or both, to be honest, I don't know. Bottom line is I love the CFL but parts of me hate this rule where they have to sit a guy like Tre.

See I beg to differ, I bet if you polled the fans as they walked in to Ivor Wynne Stadium as to who are their favourite past and present Hamilton Tiger-Cats I bet you'd hear more than a few say names like Angelo Mosca, Danny MacManus, Darren Flutie, Bernie Faloney, Ben Zambasi, Grover Covington, Less Browne, Ron Lancaster, etc. all of which are Americans.

Fans love the CFL for the way the game is played, not the nationality of the players that play it. Sure there are a few exceptions, like Jesse Lumsden and Andy Fantuz, but some of the greatest Tiger-Cats in history were born south of the 49th parallel and some of them have adopted Canada as their home.

There are just as many fringe Canadian players that fade in to obscurity as there are American players.

My favourite Tiger-Cat player as a child was Ben Zambiasi. I didn't even realize he was American until about 5 years ago.

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I am no economist or prognosticator, that is just the way I have it figured out in my head. I operate on logic.

I am not sure how many Canadians participate in football on a per year basis, but the ratio has been the same for a long time hasn't it? So it's not like a recent spike in participation is due to it, is it?

No that isn't logic that is an opinion. What sells the Canadian Football?...That It Is Canadian. It is never going to rival the NFL so what does it matter if there are 7 Canadian starters? Is lowering the amount of Canadian starters really going to increase the quality that much?

I do not know what the participation numbers are but I can tell you this the quality of youth and CIS football has dramatically improved from where it was 15 years ago.

I think its sad that we still try to maintain this ridiculous Canadian content thing. There's just not enough good Canadian players out there. It will get even worse if we add another team in Ottawa in the next couple of years.
It's time to reduce Canadian content or eliminate it.
I want to see the best players out there!

It's time for Canadian players to compete one on one not be given a job because you are Canadian.

And you feel that has happened because there are 56 Canadians amongst the starting lineups of CFL teams each week?

  • paul

There could be a number of factors...

  • Ex CFLers becoming youth and CIS coaches.
  • Canadian CIS coaches with CFL coaching experience.
  • Athletes choosing to play CIS football because there is a pro alternative after they finish.
  • Canadian youth exposed to NFL and CFL football and better youth athletes choosing football.
  • CFL fans bring there children up on football thus influencing their sport choice.
And you feel that has happened because there are 56 Canadians amongst the starting lineups of CFL teams each week?
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Well you might not look up to all 56 Canadian starters but maybe you look up to a Fantuz or a Lumsden or maybe some of the Canadians that went down to the States for college ball and then came back home to play in the CFL.

You make some valid points, but I believe the rise in popularity of the NFL as being the #1 reason as to why football is on the rise, not just in Canada but in all of North America.

But do Canadian players really have a pro alternative in Canada? How many jobs are there out there in the CFL for Canadian fullbacks and offensive linemen?

The CFL is in the business of making money entertaining people and trying to attract more paying customers. I just figured a better quality product would help them achieve that goal.

Fans in towns like Toronto want to feel like they are a major league city and want the best things money can buy, and a product they view as second rate won't attract many fans. I can't say I disagree with them.

  • paul

Well, what is the definition of second rate exactly? In music, is it the number of records sold? Or the the number of records sold outside of Canada? Or number of number 1 hits on the charts? Etc...

In theatre, is the Stratford Festival the only place to watch great live theatre? Therefore the Blyth Summer Festival Theatre is a joke?

Why in sports do we say something is 2nd rate like some say the CFL is to the NFL but the same analogy in theatre isn't?

I'm not in favour of scrapping the ratio or diminishing it. Take it low enough and it becomes pretty much meaningless anyway.

With little or no ratio and the resulting opportunities for play by Canadian players,there would be increased pressure to make the game even more American over time. If the players (and coaches) are almost all Americans who were trained in US football and have ambitions to return there some day to ply their trade, why would they want to learn some quaint, arcane and "funny" rules of Canadian football for their short stays here? I can see it now.... "Who needs this big field, extra DB, no-yards stuff and this weirdness called a "rouge" anyway? Why don't they just play "normal" American football like the rest of us?"

If we see things heading in that direction, then the CFL will just be Triple-A football in disguise. I'd have no interest in that at all. In that case, I'll switch to rugby and be done with it.

When I referred to second-rate, I was referring to the poorly attended minor league sports like the Toronto Marlies, Hamilton Bulldogs, and other professional "minor league" sports that the people of the Golden Horseshoe don't seem to care about.

Please don't convolute the discussion with abstract comparisons to world of Art and Literature.

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But do Canadian players really have a pro alternative in Canada? How many jobs are there out there in the CFL for Canadian fullbacks and offensive linemen?
Outside of the QB position Canadians fill every other position in the CFL. Obviously, some positions more than other but it is not unheard of anywhere else.

Basically it comes down to the CFL lives or dies with the rules as they are now for the most part. Agree, if it goes to an all American format with the rules, field size, imports, my guess is the league dies.

Although for me, as long as the TiCats exist and are able to vie for the Grey Cup trophy, I'll keep going as I love going to the stadium for high level games in my home town. I won't care what the rules are. But I'll be in the minority probably as most will then see it as the AHL is to hockey and heck, the Dogs can't even get attendance what some junior teams get.

I Believe tony has Dual Citizenship
8) Not unless he has become a Canadian Citizen during that time !!!!

There is no actual rule saying that 7 non-imports must start.

The ratio states that you may have a maximum of 19 imports on the roster (excluding QBs), 3 of which are "designated imports" who can play all special teams, but can only play on offence or defence if they replace another import.
That mean you have a maximum of 16 import starters.
Subtract that from the 23 non-QB starters, and that leaves 7 non-import starters.

Actually I wish you had read my whole post about moving from seven nonimport starters to five and who would get replaced. With the current configuration, the best imports already get to play. It is only the more mediocre ones who would get in with five nonimport starters. A Lancaster or a McManus would still play anyways. No one is cheering for Charles Thomas.

With regards to favourite players, Bauman and Lumsden (when he actually plays) are my favourites, probably in part because they are Canadian.