The Race for the Playoffs in the CFL!!

Well CFL Fans the Race for the Playoffs in both the West and East division is on in the remaining games of the 2014 season.

Western Division:

Calgary has a strong foothold over the West, with Edmonton in second and Saskatchewan trying to figure out how to win games with second and third string QB’s and they just got hammered by Montreal.

BC’s climbing back up and could be a crossover team in the East or knock Sask into that role depending on wins and losses as all three teams Calgary, Edmonton and Sask have secured a playoff spot.

Winnipeg is riding the pine in the basement of the West after a great start to their year, the team has been having a hard time winning games as of late and soon will be mathematically done.

Eastern Division:

In a deadlock tie for first in the East Division with four games remaining for each team and all remaining games with divisional match up’s in the East, the next two games could determine the break down of the Eastern Division and who takes the top positions. All three clubs are tied for first currently, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton with Ottawa the new kid on the block in last but they could easily play spoiler to any team in the East with a win or more.

The Race is on CFL Fans, nothing is guaranteed only that we will have two teams from the West and East or maybe a crossover team all Western Cup meet in the Grey Cup in Vancouver on Sunday November 30, 2014.

The perfect Grey Cup in Vancouver Nov.30th..
Calgary - 11
Toronto - 29

Toronto in the playoffs?

Argos Grey Cup champions??????????

The Grey cup game is in Calgary this year, I think the outcome might be a little different this time :cowboy:

Like I said in a previous thread, Ti-Cat fans like to bark off and thus suck Sap in the end. :lol:

And dcmoses is one of the most vocal anti-Argos guys here.
He's been dumping on them all season.
I don't think he can read the standings in the CFL. :smiley:
Or is aware that the Tiger-cats haven't won a Grey Cup in this century.

dcmoses is a disgruntled Argho fan... what's the saying?......don't judge a book.....

Some people have yet to get the memo.

Great JPGs DCMoses. I really enjoyed those! :thup:

Well yes I have seen the standing TDB have you? I doubt you have or you wouldn't be boast when your team sits tied for 5th with 3 other teams. Great if you're in any other North American sports league, but not when you play in the 9 team CFL. And just add insult to injury they are a paltry 6-8.

Face facts, if not for Ricky Ray (who beat Hamilton with an outstanding 2 1/2 minute performance) the Double Blow would be on their way to a winless season. The Ti-Cats won't let that happen on the 25th with the season series on the line and Montreal will bury the one dimensional boat people because they have learned a lesson Scotty Millanovich hasn't quite grasped yet; defence and special teams do matter and football is a 60 minute game.

I look forward to Toronto missing the playoffs and hopefully coming to their senses and firing Millanovich and Barker.

Thanks beagle. I really did almost pee. :oops:

Did the Argos not just top the Cats?

There is a darned good race going on in the east for 2 spots. Will be exciting down the stretch. I know the Cats play the ORBs 2 times, but a team with nothing to lose and playing for jobs can be dangerous. I tend to think the Argos finish 3rd, but who will be interesting.

Montreal and Hamilton top the Argos. When you're 6-8 you can't rely on one player and only show up for the final 3 minutes. Montreal and Hamilton have a far more consistent game on both sides of the ball than the Argos who seem to think they don't need defence.

It wouldn't shock me if Toronto won the cup, what would shock me is if Toronto started to care that they won.

Excuse me Hammer but is that a "Lion" in the jaws of a white bengal tiger by any chance??

Yes, I have seen the standings. I suppose I should have said that dcmoses doesn't UNDERSTAND the standings, and how teams qualify for the playoffs. Let me explain. The top two teams in each division automatically qualify for the playoffs. The third place team may or may not qualify for the playoffs, depending on the point totals for teams from the other division.

As it ACTUALLY (not hypothetically) stands right now, the Argos are tied for first place in the east division. They have a chance equal to those of the other two teams TIED WITH (not ahead of) them to reach the playoffs.
All season I've read posts about how good the Tiger-cats are, how they will easily win the east division, and so on and so on.
Funny thing is, the FACT is, they haven't. (And yes, I get that you're not specifically a Tiger-cat fan.)

IF Paul Henderson hadn't scored game-winning goals in the last three games of the '72 Super Series, the Soviets WOULD HAVE won. The FACT is, Canada won. Yah, Team Canada was all about Paul Henderson though.

I'll wait until the season is over before laughing or crying about who didn't make the playoffs.
Don't pee your pants just yet.

Thankfully we have the cross over race otherwise the " race " would be aYAWNER.

The possibilities for how the final four weeks will play out in the East are incredibly intriguing. All three of the teams tied for first place control their own destiny as of now, but at least one of them (the loser of Montreal-Toronto) will no longer be in that position by Sunday. Hamilton would also lose control of its own destiny if it somehow loses to Ottawa.

As I see it, here are the possibilities for each of the three teams in the hunt.

Win all four games and you finish first, obviously.

Win three games and you are in the playoffs for sure, with an excellent chance of finishing first but could also finish second (if another team goes 4-0 down the stretch).

Win two games and you could finish anywhere from first to third – first would still be possible, but all four Eastern teams would have to go 2-2 over the final four weeks. That would result in tie-breakers being applied. I have no idea how a three-way tie would be decided. At the moment Tor holds the tie-breaker over Mtl, Mtl holds the tie-breaker over Ham and Tor is even with Ham.

If B.C wins one of its last three games, there will be a western crossover team. The Lions are at eight wins now and if it is impossible for three Eastern teams to get to nine wins. If the Lions lose all three and all four Eastern teams go 2-2 to close out the schedule, there will be no crossover. That is extremely unlikely, but still possible.

Now you tell me. :oops:

Here's a shirt for ya DC :smiley: :lol: :wink: Hope ya like it !! :cowboy: