The race for sixth place.

Of Toronto, Ottawa, Regina and B.C., only one will make the playoffs. An interesting matter this early in the season.

Technically all four of them could still make the playoffs.

Yes, of course, and my prediction is somewhat ridiculous, made in the sixth week. But having looked closely at Ottawa and Toronto, and observed the struggles in B.C. and Regina, it appears to me that these four are the weakest.

A stunning surprise might be if Calgary struggles.

Winnipeg and Edmonton look like fighting for first place in the West. Hamilton is going to win the East, and Montreal looks strong.

We might include Calgary in the race for the semi-final, but it sure looks like Hamilton/Montreal in the East, Edmonton/Winnipeg out West.

And none of this discounts the possibility that Ottawa et al might have the act together come playoff time.

Just trying to keep ahead of things!

I’m still astounded by the number of people claiming Montreal has turned some kind of corner.

Other than Stanback, they have limited offensive talent.

And in the CFL, coaching matters even more. Als will finish the season duking it out with Toronto for last place. Ottawa’s coaching is better (although they need a better answer at quarterback), and even Hamilton has better coaching than Khari Jones.

IMHO, Lions likely to be the odd team out in the West, with SSK getting the crossover.

I’m going to wait for a few more games before passing judgment, it is way, way early in the season to figure out what teams ceiling is.

I’m also curious to see what happens to Montreal’s roster if this brown envelope scheme was as serious as their President made it seem during his press conference. Will they have to let go of some of their high price players?

But as it stands today the Riders are two games out of a crossover spot.