The Question Is.....Is Avon OK?

Yes he jogged/limped of the field. But, i've seen people with broken legs do the same. Hope he's ok!!

That hit did not look very good... But I also saw him do some still running on the sideline after the hit.

Bourke also got hurt, Sanchez, Woldu got knocked out. Very physical game. Hope everyone is ok.

So did Bowman, but he returned during the game.

If Cobourne goes down, we're in big trouble. Hopefully, this will spur Trestman and Milanovich to inject some diversity into this offense, which has gotten a bit stale over the past few games. We need our veteran receivers more involved in the game.

watching the game on tv, it showed cobourne walking on the sidlines after the injury occured and he was walking (no limp that i could see)but as mike said thats happened before to players that ended up with very serious injuries.

i think as long as Avon is back for the playoffs the Als will be fine. you guys have already locked up the east lol.