The Quest to Upgrade the Ticat Receiving Corps

During an interview on The Fan 590 radio the other day, Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins placed a high priority on upgrading the receiving corps for 2007.

Given that the Ticats will have an entirely new coaching staff in 2007, it may be better to sign young import receivers with some previous NFL experience rather than rookies so that the receiving corps can quickly get on the same page.

As a few Ticat fans have pointed out on this website, there are many receivers out there in the marketplace. To get the ball rolling, here are a few available young import receivers with height who have either spent some time in the NFL on an active roster or a practice roster within the past year:

Tyrone Calico (6-4, 220 lbs, Nov 9/80), Middle Tennesee State, 4.42 speed, 38" vertical jump

Todd Devoe (6-2, 198 lbs, Apr 5/80), Central Missouri State, 4.44 speed, 37" vertical jump

Ryan Hoag (6-2, 200 lbs, Nov 23/79), Gustavus Adolphus, 4.42 speed, 40" vertical jump

Triandos Luke (5-10, 189 lbs, Dec 24/81), Alabama, 4.44 speed, 39.5" vertical jump

Jason McAddley (6-2, 200 lbs, Jul 28/79), Alabama, 4.47 speed, 36.5" vertical jump

-draft profile link does not transmit

Jeris McIntyre (6-0, 203, Jul 4/81), Auburn, 4.43 speed, 29" vertical jump

Donovan Morgan (6-2, 195 lbs, Jul 29/82) Louisiana-Lafayette, speed and vertical jump stats n/a

no draft profile available

Darius Watts (6-2, 190 lbs, Dec 19/81), Marshall, 4.49 speed, 35" vertical jump

Although Triandos Luke lacks the height of the other receivers, he was included in this list because his draft profile points to a strong work ethic. A good work ethic is also mentioned in the draft profile of Ryan Hoag.

Tyrone Calico and Jason McAddley both seem to have a good combination of size, speed and prior NFL experience.

And while the draft profiles of Todd Devoe, Jeris McIntyre and Darius Watts suggest that they are players that need to have more self-discipline, their talent may make them worth a look.

Ticat fans, and other CFL fans for that matter, are welcomed to add more receivers to this thread if desired.

None of them went to Mac, too bad.

and to tall…

What too tall We need Some Height IMO

I love to have 6'2 to 6'4 HT 202-240 WT
Someone with 4.2 to 4.4 Speed..
The cfl has alot short DB's

I have one name the Ticats should look at
Charles Rogers..former # 1 Pick of Lions in the NFL
Rogers could be a #1 in the CFL..

He Still Living Det.

The Cats have gone too long without an Earl Winfield-calibre receiver. Hopefully the new regime will rectify that.

Still early but I think there should be some good Canadian receivers available in the draft this year too (Chris Bauman, Jabari Arthur, David Mckoy, etc).

Wide receiver Carlyle Holiday (6-2, 220 lbs, Oct 4/81), who has been on the practice squad of the Arizona Cardinals for most of 2005 and 2006, was released by the Cardinals today:

He was apparently the starting quarterback at Notre Dame in 2002 but was eventually converted to wide receiver with the emergence of quarterback Brady Quinn. An interesting bit of trivia is that Bill Diedrick, the current quarterback coach of the Calgary Stampeders, was Holiday's quarterback coach at Notre Dame.

Nice find..

I saw Mckoy play this season at Ivor Wynne against Mac and I was VERY impressed by his size, speed and hands .

Charles Rogers sounds like a great player, but I wonder about his attitude. We all know MD wont put up with another Hill (The Thrill). But aside from that he sounds pretty good, and I'm all for former NFL players (John Avery worked well when uninjured)

All to tall and to fast, I dont think our QBs could get the ball to those fast guys, besides the Cats only have uniforms to fit receivers 5'9" and under. :lol:

The Cats like those short players you can get more of them on the bus. :wink:

Who cares how tall or fast these guys are? CAN THEY CATCH???

note: Darren Flutie was short and he wasn't even close to being a speed burner but he was one of the best ever.

Great, lets all wait for another Darren Flutie like player to come along.