The Quarterback you all keep riding

Still trying to wrap my head around that comment...

I didn't say trade said change. And habman you are the one in need of glasses, I had an eye test last night and my glasses are fine

Nope not in the least !!!

yorr glasses may be fine, but your eyes .uck

awww come on man!

You can at least admit he's playing well in Sask and with some solid players around him he can be a great addition. We could use him right now.

Well you must need to clean them then !!!

Well, his out passes weren't on line often with zip, hence the Walker near-decapitation.

He put the ball in the 7-15 yard windows okay, but anything requiring 30 yards in the air were not delivered with enough zip, with the exception of the Gardner TD, which was on a flatter plane.

He had five dropped balls against by my count, so he gets a pass on his completion percentage.

The end zone INT was brutal as is most of his intermediate and deep passes where he needs to put any loft on the ball to hit receivers in stride. That kind of throw he sails, to be blunt.

Oski Wee Wee,

already did, check your back

No habman Maas has a dead arm as does Calvillo. Both will struggle if they cannot get more on the ball. Obviously you are too much of a fan to look at it objectively

Just as i thought , were more worried about your glasses than the damn game because Maas had a vey good game !!!

Maas had an OK game. Problem is that an OK game is good enough to lose every time

You guys all see the same thing .One guy out of 12 , Chang throws one pass and he`s an all star . He had a chance to win the game and failed miserably .

Chang will have his day I just hope it`s not now .

I don't know about miserable, but your right. You have all the "experts" picking on one position on a team effort. Our recievers are terrible, our o-line is terrible. laying blame on one person on a team game is just plain ignorant.

It is a team game. We have weaknesses in the areas that were identified. I get that.

What I don't get at this point is how Jason Maas scares an opposing defence more than Timmy Chang even with those deficiencies.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have never said Chang is the answer. I have always maintained Maas is not. In fact all last season I suggested Fabio Felice would be better

chang got us 10 points in the 4th quarter

maas got us 10 points in the first 3 quarters


I don’t know what game the Maas supporters were watching. Every game it’s the same thing, Maas completes a couple of passes when it does not matter to pad out his stats and at the end of the game he doesn’t look too bad. Folks, He was in for three quarters and we got one td on a long hail mary pass and a FG. That, against a team that was 0-2 and our only real hope of getting a win for a while. It was an opportunity to turn things around. Maas did not do it. He can not do it. He will not do it next week or the week after. He can’t finish the play. he moves the ball in midfield the odd time and bogs down anywhere near the opposition’s end. Give it up.
How many more chances are we going to give this guy?

i was waitng for this exact post.what an f@#$#@$in joke!!!

Thats the game that I saw too.