The Quarterback you all keep riding

okay so maybe his arm did not get repaired as he was told it should be. if i go for surgery and the doctor tells me that this is the procedure and that they'll "fix it", i'm probably going to believe him.
i don't know if this is the case with jason. i'm not trying to take the blame completely away from him but certainly all the blame should not be heaped on his shoulders. take for example the receivers-the QB is the extension of the play caller he knows the plays better than anyone on the field. you fans have no way of knowing if those "inexperienced" receivers are actually running the right route but all you see is the qb throwing the ball into an empty for the play calling you all say"leaves alot to be desired"-pick that bone with the OC. last but not least, as for the incomplete passes,this is where PART
of the blame can be rested on jason's shoulders,if he can't make that throw, he should let someone know but after last season and knowing a little bit about this guy, he's a competitor,no question and he feels the pressure to perform, make no mistake. so the next time
you want to ride him for being "below average" and possibly "the worst qb in the league", look around at what the other guys may have done wrong,especially your porous o-line,allowing the d-line to beat the ball to the qb and remember that they win as a team and they lose as a team.
Chang is not all he is pumped up to be, maybe down the road but he's made mistakes just like jason.
if only you all could sit in on a film session-just once.

            enjoy the game,CITY LEGEND

Did he get in the end zone? Did he get any points on the board?

Did he throw anything with authority? No

Chang is not all he is pumped up to be, maybe down the road but he's made mistakes just like jason.
The PROBLEM is Chang's mistakes are ROOKIE mistakes.. Maas' mistakes are DUMBASS mistakes.. he's a VET!!
Did he throw anything with authority? No
Obviously you weren't at the game...or you know nothing. I'll give you te benefit of the doubt and say you weren't there.

Maas threw the ball very well for maybe a pair of throws, one of which was caught.

I was at the game. He had nothing and neither did AC. Its obvious they are both strugging for the same reason, no arm strength. I'd say its you sho no nothing

Not sure about very well, frankly. His out passes simply don't scare anyone. If it isn't making a requisite 7-yard strike, he scares nobody on a consistent basis.

The throw to Gardner was solid, I will give him that. The play design worked well and Jason put the ball in the right window.

The issue is whether he can consistently make the throws half to half, quarter to quarter. The end zone INT was brutal, straight up.

Oski Wee Wee,

True. And the timing was awful.

But, he played well and did an excellent job of eluding the rush...something he HAD to do most of the night.

Once again, he was victimized by the dropsies (Ralph x3, Holmes (1), Walker (1). He also COULD have other balls that (on other teams) are caught.

I think you'll see him back behind centre next week on the coast.

Changs passes have a lot more zip.

The problem is, that when a play breaks down, it is always the QB's fault. Well, if you actually watched the game, you can see that there is more than one position than the QB. Blame away, but the fans that understand the game know where the real problems are.

The problem is that with a dead arm QB the entire offence has to be designed to accomodate him. In the CFL that means that the offence will have no open recievers most of the time and won't be able to run the ball effectively most of the time. The defence needs to be stretched for the offence to be effective in area

J. MAAS 15/28 211 1 1
T. CHANG 4/11 92 1 0

Looks okay to me. Personally…Jason’s stats are much better.

Hopefully they continue to push each other.

Oski were you at the game ?? Maas looked good and if not for some stupid penalties and DROPPED PASSES . Yes there is that word again , dropped passes !!!!

Ralph , Walker , and the list goes on and on .Drive killers most of them, especially Ralph who made a nice pass and then was offside . It must be so comforting for Calvillo to know that on second and long he has Cahoon to throw to and he knows he`ll catch the damn ball !!!!

Maas has a strong arm as strong as Chang , all he needs is guys that he can count on when he needs them .

We need both these guys right now, theres lot of mistakes out there, Cahoon owned our D.

What game were you watching? Maas looked a lot more focused and was playing a lot smarter but he still couldn't throw a ball through a wet paper banner 25 yards away

The interesting stat is this:
our recievers have a combined game experience of 32 games (may be off by 1 game) Ralph has 26 of those games. So, the rest account for 6 games in total, and you want to blame the QB??? Give your heads a shake and look at the whole team.

The recievers may be green but Maas can’t throw. The fact that they suck is not mutually exclusive. The thing that we can change and get better immediately is to change QBs

Based on what, or who do you think we can trade for?

Oh buddy I was at the game and you my friend must need glasses as his passes had zip and were right on line .

Habman, i gotta ask.... and no im not trying to start a fight... lol.

Do you miss DJ yet? :slight_smile: