The Punting Situation!

I still think we should have kept Josh Bartell as a punter on the team, I know we brought in Medklock to handle all three areas of place kicking, field goals and punting but Medlock has been having a problem in pre-season so far with his punting and yes I agree, he could be rusty but I think we had a superior advantage with Bartell at punting and the fact that he was considered a non-import at that position was a bonus.

I hope Justin Medlock gets his punting in gear and timing down, I know he's working with a new long snapper and so on but he's a pro and hopefully he can handle the K/P duties he was signed for?


Hopefully Austin didn't burn the bridge with Ozzy...

Mr. Medlock, are you still sure you don't need to be coached?

I not a medlock fan If an american can do both jobs better then Two Canadians
His putting sucks other wise If it’s on Tee he’s very good .

With the extra two spots on the game-day roster, carrying two kickers with one being a non-national, import, international, American, whatever, shouldn't be a problem. So yes, letting Bartel go may have been a bit premature.

Medlock is a great punter from what remember watching him in practice and games. He probably was doing little to no punting down south so he could be off or lost his touch. I didn't watch any of the preseason but what is so bad about his stat lines? Am I missing some context here?

v.s Toronto
No Avg Yards Long
MEDLOCK, J 10 46.5 465 54

v.s Montreal
No Avg Yards Long
MEDLOCK, J 5 40.6 203 47

Not amazing against the Als, but nothing wrong with his line in Toronto ... except for the fact he had to punt 10 times, yikes.

Medlock has not punted since leaving the CFL but from what I could gather listening to the game, his punting improved as the game progressed. Give him 2-3 games to get back into form. He is a perfectionist and will get the punting under control before long.