The Punt Option For Stala

About a week or so ago, I rambled on about end of game trick plays. Specifically,the receiver catches the ball downfield and then proceeds to punt it into the endzone. To my surprise, Dave Stala had that opportunity on the TiCats last play of the game. When he caught Porter's throw,there was a nine to ten yard bubble around him .That's plenty of time and space to punt the ball toward the endzone. Unfortunately Stala ran and was tackled well short of the firstdown sticks. From the comfort of my home I was yelling "Kick the ball" while Stala sacrificed his body to gain the first down. Maybe in some game down the road, a similar situation will arise. If it does,I would love to see that truly unique Canadian play that puts the foot back in football. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Pat, if we could put your football brain in one of our players we'd have an instant all-star.

I’m not sure Stala had the time and space to launch a punt anywhere near the endzone.
He was sprinting and, assumedly, felt he had a legit chance at reaching the markers. Not sure even a rugby player – or Aussie Rules football player – would be able just rear-back and bang one 55 yards or so.

I’d like to see it more, for sure…and in that game I was feeling secure in the fact that ‘at least a punt will get us into overtime’…would’ve bet a lot on that at the time.

Question though – if Stala punts it, anyone behind him can recover right? I could see more guys just punching it over to an open side of the field late in the game – in hopes that a wide receiver would still be over there.

Pretty tough stuff to master though. I’m sure more often than not, you end up with a blocked punt and a blown out MCL.

Wasn’t this most recently attempted this week in the BC : Sask game? I beleive it resulted in a block and recovery by BC.

Yup, saw that. Still wasn't exactly sure who would be eligible to recover.

He was running to his left, not his right. Otherwise i agree totally.

from where he caught it , it was 45 yards to the goal line.
Also add to the fact that I believe he was turned around to catch the ball and had a defender baring down on him.
He is the back-up punter however under those circumstances , it wasn't the best option.

Yeah, the best option was losing the game :roll: .

it's amazing how well people call the game AFTER it has been played.
I see your :roll: and raise you :roll: :roll:

"those who don't learn from there history are doomed to repeat it".

yes , we all know the quote but I'm not sure what that has to do with Stala having the time or the leg to punt deep into the endzone?

I assume he does have the leg(he's a good kicker,got the wind,chance of bounce or onside recovery and no returner) and did have the time to kick it(it looked like it to me).

The quote had to do with your quote about how well everyone calls the game AFTER it's done. For me that's a big part of what football is about, learning from the past games and figuring out other options for similar situations when they come up in the future, that's what I was doing when I disagreed with your thought that punting the ball was not the best option earlier.

Stala is a good kicker . On the run with a defender baring down on him is not an easy thing to do. Yes he had time, about 2 steps worth however he's 45 yards from the goal line and is less than 10 from the 1st down marker.
Kicking would still not be the best option.
With Settas best of the night being 50 yards with ideal conditions , the odds of Stala kicking 45 is slim.

Yes, anyone behind Stala can recover it, and Stala himself would also be able to.