The Punch

Man Baker is a fool. you don't do that

Prefontaine is kinda stupid though too. he was acting pretty tough having an o-linemen hold him back

Whats Pinball gonna do, if anything?

uh, I am not really watching the game. What happened.

ARGOS the 3rd..........

Tough call. He's their top receiver and acted like a jerk by head-butting and punching a teammate during a game. Then, after being benched and put back into the game, he scored a touchdown and then acted like a jerk again by throwing a ball on the field. On the balance of the evidence, I'd cut him.

I would cut him too. He took a full puch at Prefontaine, hitting him in the mouth. That would leave the door open to bring Rison in, but I would rather see Michael Palmer playing full time.

I am not defending what Baker did, bur dammit Noel. You are a fricken kicker, you don't yank on the jersey of our top wide receiver and pretend like your the coach. Let Pinball deal with it. Noel did not have the right to do that. Hopefully they can work things out. But tonight Baker produced results when needed. Noel did not.

Baker should be gone - he looked like the world's biggest idiot. Just think - if he seriously hurt their kicker/punter in that skirmish, it could seriously hurt the team.

Receivers like Baker come and go, but reliable kicker/punters are hard to find.

He only grabbed Bakers jersey after Baker gave him a headbutt... Baker was fully at fault in that mix up and if i were the coach/GM he'd be gone by tomorrow morning. You can't have a loose cannon on the team like that that is going to take swings at teammates.

correct me if I am wrong but isn't prefontaine a captain or something. If he isn't he definetly is a VEt who has every right to grab a player like that and get them off the field. Baker is an idiot, regardless of how good he is.

A very poor move by Baker. The thing that bothered me the most was when Pinball was speaking to him on the bench, he refused to look Pinball in the eye. A complete lack of respect shown for a coach. Baker needs to face some discipline for the entire incident.

Agreed Billy Soup....Prefontaine is one of the most senior Argo players (in tenure, that is...) and is one of the team leaders. To me, it looked like he was just trying to get Baker to calm down since he went totally apesh*t after the alleged spitting incident. The Argos have been playing very undisciplined ball thus far this season and the last thing they need is someone like Baker going off and making things worse.

Baker hopefully realizes now that this type of behaviour is going to result in his career being over. He is expendible, Prefontaine is not. Pre is an all-star, Baker is not.

Also, argofan4life...when Pinball was speaking to Baker on the bench following the second outburst after the TD, was I alone in thinking that Pinner got Baker in tears after that?

I the best picker in the CFL.........and I think , Baker........hit the wrong person.

If BAKER hadn't scored a TD......he might be gone.

PINBALL, doesn't like that on his team.We will have to play better against home next week. :smiley:

As a fan of football I don't like seeing in fighting on a team, however as a fan who hates the big bad argos, I hope baker hits another team mate, causes a team break down, divides the team, and leads to the argos demise.... Oh my... what a dream that is...

Can someone please explain exactly what happened. I wasn't able to watch the game (no TSN) and I really would like to know. What spitting incident. Why punch your own teammate? Please, someone elaborate....

Baker and one of the Calgary players got in a bit of a scrap on the field, and Talbot pulled him out of there. He was walking back to the huddle when he was then pulled off the field by the coachs. Noel was right there yelling something at Baker, and got right in his face, Noel was yanking on his jersey so Baker gave him a left hander to the mouth.

Who cares really, the agro's suck

not to familiar with the 'agros'

To me it looked like Prefontaine was trying to tell Baker to cool it. If I’m Pinball and disipline is such an issue this early in the season then Baker is suspended. This sends a message to the whole team that Pinball is in charge and no Bulls__t! At the very least, one more outburst and Baker is cut.

Well I was rather shocked when this happened. Obviously, punching a teammate in the mouth isnt the right thing to do. But Im going to blame Noel Prefontaine on this one. I mean, Robert Baker was pretty pissed, and to come back to your bench and have your teammate yell at you, doesnt help at all.

In these situations, normally teammates try to calm you down, or encourage you. But when Baker got back, he tried to get Prefontaine out of his face, but Noel just wouldnt get out, and got something in return.

And Mike Clemons, such a gret guy. Grabbed him aside and able to relate with his players, calmed him down, and Baker’s spirit was up abit.

Teams go through this type of stuff every year. Its just that sometimes it doesnt happen in games.

No worries in T.O, Pinball has it under control and had a victory last night also.

Actually you're right. Baker did try to get Prefontaine out of his face and Prefontaine grabbed his shirt and then really got into his face.

Baker still has to control his temper though or other teams will use his short fuse when the game is on the line.