The "Pump Fake"....always works like a charm!

Very glad to see the "pump fake" brought into play finally...(if I recall it was used for the Flick "touchdown" that got called back)....nice execution though

it freezes the defense almost everytime...


Great work by Maas. I don’t think I’ve seen any Ti-Cat receiver so wide open on the playing field.

i agree. mass actually looked like his old self

Maas looked better. With more crossing patterns for our receivers , and with Maas moving out of the pocket the offence looked much improved. Go Cats Go....

"Always" may be a bit strong.
Sometimes the extra time it takes to pump fake it gets the QB killed.

A good play sometimes. Like every play type, moderation and timing is the key. Puts more pressure on the O-line to provide time and DB's are not going to bite if the play is overused. Still nice to see the play options growing.

Yeah you have to pick and chose when to use it. It comes from watching alot of film to see how the db's react to it and when they're most likely to bite on it.

In the first half when Maas threw that deep ball to T.V the corner on the left took off deep as soon as Maas was getting ready to throw, if he would have pumped faked there his receiver running the 10 yard curl on the left would have been wide open, and would have gotten alot of yac.

It’s the secret to Calvillo’s success.

oski Wee Wee,

Know what else works really good?

164 yards rushing.

Yes. Robert Edwards being the Montreal example versus the Argos. Freezing the defensive backs works when they have to line up tighter to compensate for a powerful running game. Play action and the deep vertical game so hand with smashmouth running.

Oski Wee Wee,